Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1257

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They quickly finished scanning the document. When they looked up, there was doubt in both their

&34;This plan seems… too risky,&34; Elisa commented.

Patricia stayed silent. She squashed the turmoil rolling within her. It is a risky move!

&34;Fans might not fall for this kind of gimmick. But if they do, it will surely be a big hit!&34; It will help boost
Rene&39;s career.

The corner of Will&39;s lips lifted in a smirk. &34;Aren&39;t we playing big? If we don&39;t do something drastic at our
level, we won&39;t profit anything.&34;

Elisa could not refute his reasoning. However, it was a little…

Silence encased the booth again. Will did not hurry them; he gave them time to consider.

Patricia chose to remain silent. This gamble is too risky. I had better let Ms. Benett decide for herself.

Elisa did not say anything, even when the waitperson brought their dishes. It was as though they were
here for a meal and nothing else. She did not mention the matter.

Will passed a fork and spoon to Elisa. Elisa accepted and started eating. It was a habit that grew from
their recent frequent meetings. The plan could wait; they needed to eat first.

Cole and Patricia were basically wallflowers. Neither spoke throughout the entire meal. They were
there to run errands and make notes. They left everything else to their bosses.

Once they were done eating, Elisa put down her cutlery and reread the document.

Will was also done eating.

Cole and Patricia noticed the two lead characters putting down their cutlery. They, too, slowly put theirs

Will smiled and asked Elisa, &34;What do you think?&34;

&34;It&39;s a huge matter. I need some time to consider it, Mr. Darcey. But I will trust your insight.&34;

Will shook his head in displeasure, &34;Why are you still treating me like a stranger?&34;

&34;It&39;s respect,&34; Elisa raised a brow in response.

&34;Have I ever demanded your respect?&34; Will preferred how she used to call him.

Elisa pursed her lips and changed the subject. &34;The risk we&39;re taking will be big. I need to discuss this
with the shareholders. I will convince them to accept.&34;

Will nodded, &34;I believe you. I&39;ll go through with it if you accept.&34;

&34;Okay,&34; Elisa nodded.

The public anticipated what pieces would be released. It had been a while since Rene released
anything new. Her fans were clamoring and waiting for a perfect design.

They tittered in expectation with the announcement of the release.

&34;I look forward to working with you,&34; Will smiled.

&34;Same here,&34; Elisa grinned. She got up and said, &34;Since it&39;s been discussed, I&39;ll leave the rest to my
assistant. I&39;ve been busy recently and can&39;t leave my place empty for long. I hope you understand.&34;

&34;I understand,&34; Will nodded in comprehension. His eyes held a glint of sympathy.

Elisa paused at his gaze. She looked at him.

He understands?

What does he understand?

Could it be…

Does he know about Grandma&39;s condition?

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