Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1232

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Moreover, the auction had all kinds of things, but no one had access to the list of items before the
auction. Still, the influential had their ways.

After a brief pause, Elisa looked at Gareth and asked, &34;Can… you try to find out about the list of


Elisa leaned into the seat and fell silent.

The auction would only give them a tiny bit of hope. They still needed to find other ways to obtain the

Furthermore, Ganoderma Caligo was highly precious. It had many incredible uses other than fighting
cancer cells. Thus, the wealthy always competed to secure Ganoderma Caligo to prolong their lives.

Elisa and Gareth did not speak for the remainder of the journey. Elisa&39;s eyes seemed dejected. She
was worried about Julia&39;s condition.

She got out of a daze when the car entered the yard. Then, she glanced at Gareth and said calmly,
&34;You should go home. I won&39;t invite you in this time.&34;

However, Gareth did not answer her but exited the car straightaway.

Elisa was stunned.

She looked at him following her and could not help but frown. &34;Don&39;t tell me you plan to stay at my
place again.&34;

&34;You&39;re treating my illness, right? Shouldn&39;t you tend to my gastric issues?&34;

Elisa rolled her eyes at him. &34;There are plenty of people who can treat your gastric issues. Moreover,
you have many top-class chefs at home to cook for you. Why must I tend to you? Am I your maid?&34;

Even a maid gets paid for her work. Is he expecting me to do it for free?

Gareth pretended not to notice Elisa&39;s annoyance and replied indifferently, &34;You can be my maid if you

Elisa was rendered speechless.

She was not in the mood to deal with him and did not want him to follow her. Thus, she walked fast,
opened the door, and got in. She planned to close the door immediately and prevent Gareth from
coming in.


Gareth saw through her plan and grabbed the door. Elisa could not pull the door from him. She looked
at Gareth with a frown. &34;What the heck do you want?&34;

&34;I&39;m too tired to drive home.&34;

Elisa was rendered speechless.

Is he pretending to be weak?

She looked at him coldly and refused to step aside.

Gareth also would not leave. He said calmly, &34;My stomach hurts badly.&34;

Elisa stared at him.

His condition is still in the early stage, and he receives good treatment. Yet, he says his stomach hurts.

How could it hurt every day?

No way am I falling for his nonsense!

&34;Stop bothering me!&34; Elisa tried to close the door again. However, Gareth refused to let go, prompting
Elisa&39;s frown to deepen.

However, before she could say anything, Gareth stepped in. Elisa needed to retreat, or she would
bump into his chest.

Since she did not want physical contact with him, she withdrew slightly from the door.

That was precisely what Gareth wanted. He grabbed the chance and entered the hallway.

Elisa&39;s expression darkened considerably. &34;How long are you going to stay here?&34;

Gareth felt no sense of shame and said evenly, &34;It depends on my mood.&34;

Elisa was rendered speechless.

Is this the same Gareth I know?

He was so prideful that if I showed a hint of disdain, he would respond coldly and leave.

What is he doing now?

Elisa was confused by his behavior and felt the man before her was not the real Gareth.

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