Novel Name : Branches On Both Hands

Branches On Both Hands - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Impotent Husband (2)
Because of the mask her husband donned when out in public, they had become God’s blessed couple, but in reality, this was not the case. The aristocrats scoffed at the man’s infidelity and towards Elishia because she lacked in something as a woman. She couldn’t even keep her husband from having an affair. Their pure love was utter bullsh*t. 
No one envied them, much less impressed that they managed to stay together for eight, long years. 
In this aristocratic world where infidelity was a common thing, their evaluation of Elishia was just as prevalent.
“Well, at least you should feel grateful. That b*tch prost*tute is worse than you when it comes to pleasing a man. b*tch couldn’t even do a proper job, complaining that her jaw hurt. f*cking h*ll. What a serious waste of money. I’ve been pouring money into that b*tch’s shop every month, yet she can’t do a proper job?! f*cking b*tch.” 
Elishia’s husband spoke of the women he had done it with, as if it were a normal thing. He frequented a brothel named Delia’s Flower Garden. He was found there most of the time; even bought a prost*tute in exchange for money.
That woman he slept with earlier… was a prost*tute.
Late at night, a woman came to the mansion and left her husband’s room around dawn. It wasn’t unusual to find other women sleeping next to him. 
She remembered that her husband hadn’t washed yet after the woman left. Suddenly, nausea ran up her throat without stopping.
“Hey, hey, f*ck! What the f*ck are you doing?!” 
The man hurriedly stood up with raised eyes and swung his hand.
Elysia, who had been vomiting, turned around. Her cheeks turned red in an instant, but her expression did not change. She wiped her mouth calmly, raised her head, and looked up at the man. 
He had bright, blue eyes. It was akin to a deep-sea of unknown depths. Those beautiful oceanic blue eyes were eerily cold. She could sense it. Unknowingly, she took a step back.
“Hey, this is… f*ck! Why are you looking at me straight in the eyes? You’ve grown guts now? f*cking b*tch—!” 
As the man raised his hand, she slowly closed her eyelids, not because she was afraid but because she wanted it to be over with. She didn’t want this. It was better to obey him than face another senseless violence.  
Every time he saw her like this, the man fumed with anger. They were married, yet she never belonged to him. No matter how many times he dirtied and trampled her body, she was always upright and beautiful. Even her blue-stained gown was elegant. 
Before their marriage, the man had loved her innocently. His heart pounded, as if he was a servant meeting a noble queen for the first time. It was to the point that he had forgotten the reason why he approached her in the first place—to covet the wealth of her family.  
With a little trickery and wooing, he managed to capture her family’s attention. They became engaged and got married. 
He was sure that he would have a happy ending with her, but on the first night of their honeymoon, his dream had been shattered. He wasn’t sure why, maybe it was the drugs he’d been taking since he was young, but he didn’t have an er*ction. His d*ck was flaccid and soft. No matter how hard he tried, his d*ck drooped and remained motionless. His wife sat on the bed, moaning. She’d been rubbing her pink slit while she looked him in the eyes.
He wanted to die of shame. While his face was blank, he was cursing himself for being a b*stard who couldn’t get an errection. Elishia didn’t say anything, but to him, it was clear. Her vivid eyes looked as if she was making him the b*tt of her jokes. That was how he pictured it.
You dare ignore me? Me, the heir to a family with deep history, while you’re just a sk*nk daughter of a family who has nothing but money to brag about? I’ll show you…!
He grabbed Elishia’s hair. He pushed her down and forced her to kneel, opened her lips, and shoved his d*ck in her mouth. However, no matter how much he tried, his d*ck did not harden. 
Heat rushed to his face in an instant.
f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! Get hard, b*stard! Get hard, get f*cking hard! 
“So this is all that you will amount to?” Elishia’s voice seemed to echo in his head. She didn’t utter those words, but it seemed like she did. 
Unable to overcome his shame and anger, he slapped her in the cheeks.
What was her reaction at that time again?
“f*ck…” the man grit his teeth as he tried to recall those memories.
Even after he had slapped her silly on their first night, she did not shed a single tear. Not a single drop fell. 
That was the first night of her abuse.
Yet even after being beaten, she remained still like a doll with closed eyes like she was doing now. 
From that moment on, the man revealed his true colors. He didn’t hide anything. He took off the mask of a kind and loving young man he wore in public, while he gave Elishia raging wrath. He cursed at her, beat her, kicked her because he felt like it. 
Every time he looked at her, his hands itched to slap her. He went mad hoping to see a reaction out of her, hoping to see her cry. But she never reacted. Never even screamed or pleaded. How much more did he have to sully her till she broke?
It was her fault that he was like this. It was because of her that he became a cruel, violent man. He had become a monster. It was also because of her that he was impotent.
Yeah, it’s all because of her… all because of this woman… Elysia Powell.
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