Novel Name : Branches On Both Hands

Branches On Both Hands - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Impotent Husband (19)
“Suck it.” 
A drooping chunk of flesh hovered over her lips. A fishy, foul smell, Elysia struggled with a grimace.
The man’s shaft was never erect no matter how much she caressed it, not once in their eight years of marriage. 
Nevertheless, he pushed his shaft to her every day, forcing oral s*x onto her, but failing every time. He’d release his wounded pride and masculinity to her.
While suffering from violence, Elysia rarely went out. If she went out, it’d be akin to a regular joint aristocratic mass. She’d cover her wounds with a veil attached to her hat. 
In society, she’d been pressured by her husband’s mother-in-law, Countess Veronica. The countess was dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, she was unaware that her son would beat her every day. 
The nobility, too, was fond of her husband. They thought his wife wore a veil because she didn’t want to show her face to another man, a proof of their pure love.
But… they had no idea the cruel truth that lay hidden beneath her veil. Whenever she hears the words, “How can you two love each other so much?” she could do nothing but chuckle inwardly in bitterness.
“F*cking b*tch, what are you doing? We don’t have much time left. Open your d*mn mouth.”
The man hastened her, rubbing his soft and limpid shaft on her mouth. Elysia stared at the mass of flesh pressing her lips. She held back the nausea that soared upward her throat, but still… she slowly opened her mouth.
As soon as her lips fell open, the hot-tempered man circled his thumb around her mouth and forced her mouth to spread wider. He shoved his shaft inside her like a thunderbolt with reddish eyes.
He was excited, not knowing what to do. Despite this, his shaft never stood up. It was soft and flaccid. 
As the soft texture and fishy taste were felt in her tongue, Elysia pushed the member with her tongue unknowingly. His shaft pressed down her tongue. 
Elysia felt uncomfortable. The nausea she felt earlier became stronger. 
“Ugh!” the man groaned. “I think I’m feeling it today. It’ll probably stand up if you do well, so try harder.”
“Well, you’ve been sucking me off for the past eight years. Your tongue’s developed to become a nice, little wh*re. Who’d think you’d still be a v*rgin when you’re such a good c*cksucker, right?”
Even after their eight years of marriage, Elysia was still a v*rgin. It was only natural. The man was incapable of penetrating her hym*n.
Her husband then insisted that she not feel pleasure if he was unable to experience what it was like walking on clouds.
He never failed to neglect his surveillance control on her, roo, fearing that she’d cheat on him at any moment. When she went out, she was ordered to wear a chastity belt and a choker around her neck that could only be unlocked with a key.
The notorious rumor that she wore a chastity belt went around in circles among noble society.
To the astonished looks of the nobility, her husband would say, “My wife voluntarily wears a chastity belt. No matter how much I disagree, she insists. I don’t want to betray her love.”
Then he’d smile purely, stealing the hearts of many nobles.
Her husband was an outstanding performer. On the outside, he played the part of a perfect lover who loved his wife so much that he’d never dare to think of committing extramarital affairs. It was how he controlled Elysia efficiently and how he was able to hide his impotence. 
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