Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 794

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&#lt;p&#gt;They didn’t notice that it was so late.While they were discussing, the other suite wasn’t as harmonious
as theirs. Rachel had a dark expression as she returned to her room. She felt that Vincent had wrong
intentions.This dunce was always trying to approach her to get that thing back. She would never let him
snatch it away from her. It belonged to her! At that moment, Vincent was filled with rage. He was
irritated at the sight of her and growled, “You stupid woman. Couldn’t you tell me that you were going to
eat? Didn’t you know that I was waiting for you?”Rachel laughed in her rage at the jerk. “Did I ask you
to wait for me? Have we ever eaten together peacefully? Were you really waiting for me? Pfft… I’d be a
fool to believe you!”Vincent ground his teeth. “Why can’t I wait for you to eat together? You’re being so
unreasonable!”Rachel laughed in her rage, and she looked at Vincent in a slightly confused
manner.“How can you say that I’m being unreasonable? What relationship do we have for you to call
me unreasonable? Have I been nagging you? Am I an ex-girlfriend who assaulted you? How am I
being unreasonable?”Rachel had a sharp tongue. When met with someone like Vincent, she didn’t hold
back and said whatever she wanted to.Vincent was dumbfounded.He gritted his teeth. “Bringing you
along was a freaking waste of space!”After that, Vincent got up and walked out. When he shut the door,
Rachel heard a loud noise and was worried that the door would fall out.“He’s crazy!” Rachel said as
she went to her room. He can do anything he wants. What does it have to do with her? Did he wait to
eat with her? She felt that the jerk was finding fault. How can he be so kind as to wait to eat with her?
He made an exception by bringing her along this time. He wouldn’t pay so much attention to her if not
for that thing. Hmph……After Vincent came out, he was exceptionally moody and irritable, so he called
Gareth, who answered the call.Vincent lit a cigarette as he said, “Let’s have a drink?”Through the
phone, Gareth could feel Vincent’s restlessness.“Sure.” Gareth ended the call before putting on a coat
and walking out.There was a bar downstairs. Furthermore, they stayed on the same floor and could
see each other. There was no need to set a designated spot to meet.Vincent was in the corridor. Upon
seeing Gareth walk out, he stood unmoving at his spot, waiting for Gareth to walk over to him since he
was closer to the elevator.Vincent leaned against the wall behind him, and there was still a cigarette in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;one hand. Gareth walked over to Vincent and stopped as he sized up Vincent’s disturbed
expression.He didn’t need to guess why Vincent felt that way, so he didn’t say a word.Vincent puffed on
the cigarette before putting it out and throwing it into the trash.The two of them walked into the elevator
together, and Vincent seemed like he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He looked at Gareth and asked,
“Don’t you plan on asking me what happened?”“Do I need to ask?” Gareth looked at him indifferently.
Vincent’s emotions were written clearly on his face.Vincent was dumbstruck.He furrowed his brows and
gritted his teeth in an unruly manner. “Once I get my mother’s belongings back, I will deal with this
woman once and for all!”Gareth raised his brows and didn’t say a word.It was clear he didn’t believe
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