Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 791

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rose snorted coldly and said indifferently, “I’m going to cook. Just wait for a while.”Linda’s expression
changed slightly. “You’re going to cook? What happened to our servants?’ Rose was stupefied.The
house had been sold, and they didn’t have any money. How could they afford to hire servants? She
said indifferently while she washed her hands, “You shouldn’t see any outsiders with your condition.
Otherwise, they might discover your flaws and look for ways to hurt you. No one around us is reliable
anymore. Do you really dare to trust anyone?”Linda furrowed her brows. She felt that what her mother
said made sense, so she didn’t say anything in the end. She walked to the couch in the living room and
sat down before turning on the television, but she was restless for some reason. “The couch and the
television are too close to each other, aren’t they?”Rose could hear the agitation in Linda’s voice. Still,
nothing could be done in their present situation, so she pretended she didn’t hear anything and ignored
Linda.…The sky darkened. Elisa and Rachel returned to their respective rooms after finishing their
meals.It was a risky area, and it was getting late. It wasn’t safe to go out.Elisa went into the suite and
saw Gareth sitting on the couch with a cloudy expression. She didn’t want to talk to him, so she
changed her shoes and walked to her room.Gareth looked at her coldly. “Where did you
go?”“Downstairs to eat with Rachel,” Elisa replied indifferently.Gareth continued looking at her icily. “Do
you treat me as a fool?”Elisa was flabbergasted.What she said was the truth. Does Gareth think that
she’s deceiving him?“It’s up to you to believe me.” Elisa returned to her room after that.But…Elisa
didn’t know that Gareth had been waiting to eat with her. Gareth stayed seated on the couch with a
dark expression. His cell phone rang, and it was a call from Thomas. He answered the call and said,
“No preparations needed.”He hung up after that.On the other end, Thomas seemed to have understood
something. He had seen Elisa and Rachel together when he was downstairs.Gareth had hung up on
him before he could say anything. Thomas touched the tip of his nose. Right now, he could picture his
boss’ malicious expression. Ms. Benett… must be in for a rough night…Just as Thomas was thinking
about it, Gareth got up and made his way to Elisa’s room. He said coldly, “Open the door.”He had
heard Elisa closing and locking the door just now.Elisa was in the bathroom, and water was flowing.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She couldn’t hear Gareth at all.Gareth’s expression darkened.He suddenly raised his hands.‘Bang!’He
knocked on the door hard. Elisa, who was taking a shower, was surprised. She immediately turned off
the running water and heard Gareth’s voice. “Open the door!”Elisa’s brows immediately furrowed
tightly. Is he ill?!“I’m taking a shower!” Elisa’s voice was intertwined with fury. Gareth was always so
temperamental. She couldn’t take it anymore!Gareth was dumbstruck.His expression was awfully icy.
“I’m counting to three!”After that, if Elisa didn’t open the door, Gareth would do something
extreme.Elisa gritted her teeth. There weren’t other rooms here. She was afraid that Gareth would
really kick the door down, and she wouldn’t have a place to stay tonight.She wrapped herself in a towel
at once and quickly walked to the door.“What are you doing? I said that I was taking a
shower.”‘Bang!!’The door seemed to be shaking.Elisa’s expression changed at once. She didn’t dare to
think further and opened the door immediately!After that, Gareth’s cold and vengeful expression
appeared before her eyes instantly.And Gareth’s gaze immediately fell on Elisa, who was wrapped in a
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