Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 792

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&#lt;p&#gt;He was slightly startled. He never thought that Elisa was actually showering.She was wrapped in a
towel that wasn’t very big and barely covered her thighs. There were still drops of water on her delicate
collarbone. Further down, indistinct terrain could be seen. Gareth’s pupils shrank slightly, and his thin
lips were tightly pursed straight. He didn’t say anything.Elisa’s hands gripped her towel, fearing it would
fall. Her brows were furrowed tightly. “What on earth do you want?” She moved slightly, and a strand of
hair fell to her bosom, blurring her vague terrain. Gareth’s eyes flashed slightly, and his Adam’s apple
bobbed a little. He suddenly couldn’t say a single word, so he turned and walked out.Elisa was
stupefied.How puzzling!She didn’t say anything and was about to close the door to continue her
shower when Gareth’s voice was heard in the next instant. “Come out after you’re done with your
shower!”Elisa’s face darkened. She gritted her teeth and didn’t say anything before she closed the door
and continued her shower.Once she was done showering and blow-drying her hair, Elisa put on her
pajamas and walked out.She saw that Gareth had also showered, and her brows wrinkled slightly.
“Why were you looking for me?”Gareth’s gaze fell on her. She was wearing a simple and loose white
nightgown. There weren’t many embellishments, but it seemed particularly elegant on her. Even if it
was just a nightgown, it seemed like it had been designed by a top-rate designer. It was elegant and
beautiful.He looked away and didn’t look at her anymore. “Draw up a plan.”Gareth’s voice was
particularly icy, and he mistreated Elisa. Elisa’s brows furrowed tightly. She didn’t say anything and
waited for the man to continue.Gareth opened his notebook and put it on the coffee table. “Come
here.”Elisa pursed her lips. She had just showered and didn’t want to sit on the couch.But from
Gareth’s attitude, she had no other way. She frowned and walked to sit next to Gareth before naturally
looking at the screen of his notebook.Her brows wrinkled slightly. “I’ve studied Phoenix Bridge. I know
everything, and no further plan is needed. I can take you around tomorrow and explain
everything.”Gareth instantly smelled her fragrance after she sat down abruptly. His cold eyes suddenly
deepened, and he was inexplicably restless.But after a moment, he restrained himself before turning to
look at her. “Am I the boss, or are you the boss?”Elisa was startled.She wanted to swear.She really&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wanted to curse at him and didn’t hold herself back. She looked at him coldly. “Can a boss oppress
their employees? Moreover, I’ve never been your employee!”She truly felt that Gareth was finding fault
on purpose and wanted to teach her a lesson. She thought he wanted to look for problems and make
her think of ways to solve them. In any case, she sensed that he didn’t want her to be idle.Gareth
suddenly laughed in his rage. “Since I’m the bankroller now, you should lose the attitude. Benett
Corporation is in a mess. Can you make a comeback soon without this project with me?”Elisa was
stuck.She took a deep breath and didn’t want to continue this topic with the man any longer. She shut
her eyes and seemed to restrain her emotions before saying in a low voice, “I don’t need your
sympathy or help. This project is mutually beneficial. As for making a comeback, I can do it without you.
I might just have to take a longer time at the very most.”
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Chapter 792
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