Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 788

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Why is it a suite? How can I stay in the same room with you?” Rachel had a dark, nasty, and unwilling
expression on her face.“How is it the same room if it’s a suite?” Vincent’s face was also extremely dark.
The woman had always spoken freely and said such things in front of many people. He had his
reputation to think of! The receptionist stood behind the counter with a slightly awkward expression but
didn’t say anything.Rachel couldn’t be bothered to talk to Vincent. She looked at the receptionist and
said, “Please give me another room.” The receptionist repeated what she had said to Elisa. It was the
truth, after all.“I’m sorry, miss. The rooms here are only available through bookings in advance. We
don’t have any extra rooms available.”Rachel’s expression turned nastier instantly. She turned and
looked at Vincent. “You knew beforehand that you would be coming here today?”Vincent sneered. Why
would he know anything?Gareth did whatever came to his mind. Why would Vincent know anything in
advance?“Both of us have year-round suites here. Do you understand? If you don’t want this, you can
stay elsewhere yourself.”Rachel gritted her teeth. Liz is here. How can she stay elsewhere?At that
moment, Rachel had a terrible expression. She gritted her teeth. “It’s fine!”After that, she walked into
the elevator. Vincent’s face was dark, and he subconsciously cursed her silently.The two of them got
into the elevator together just like that.When they got into the suite, Rachel went to the second
bedroom. She couldn’t be bothered to speak to Vincent. They hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but Rachel had
clearly lost her appetite.She went into the room and put her things down. The first thing she did after
that was to call Elisa. At that time, Elisa was also in the second bedroom. She answered the call when
she saw that it was from Rachel.“Rach?”“Have you arrived?”“Yes.”“Are you in Lunar Cove Hotel?”
Rachel was still restless about staying in the same suite as Vincent.“How do you know?”“Of course. I’m
here now! Which room are you in? I’ll come to look for you,” Rachel said as she got up. Before she
could step out, Elisa said, “you’re here? Why are you here?”“I came to get some fresh air. What’s your
room number?”“Let’s meet downstairs and grab some food together.” Elisa felt that she couldn’t get any
answers on the phone. It was better to ask in person.“Alright.”The two went downstairs after that.Elisa
didn’t have much appetite, but she thought of how Rachel might not have eaten.And Rachel didn’t have&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;any appetite, but she was afraid Elisa would be hungry, so she didn’t want to disappoint Elisa.Friends
worried about each other like that.They ordered food once they met downstairs before they sat
down.Elisa sized Rachel up. Upon seeing that Rachel had a regular expression but also looked like she
had just been angry, she asked softly, “Why did you come here out of a sudden?”Rachel gritted her
teeth. She wanted to swear when she thought of the jerk, Vincent!But she restrained herself and
paused before saying, “I heard that you were coming, so I followed along. I thought that I could take a
break as well.”Elisa’s brows immediately furrowed. Rachel was lying. It was evident that Rachel had
come to keep her company.The next moment, she asked coldly, “Vincent told you?”Rachel nodded
obediently. After all, it wasn’t hard to guess.
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