Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 787

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&#lt;p&#gt;She couldn’t be bothered to say anything else to him. She put her cell phone down and closed her eyes
again.Gareth’s expression darkened further as she ignored him. Thomas felt the car might implode
from the cold air if this continued.Why aren’t they there yet? Why aren’t they there yet?!He
subconsciously stepped on the gas harder.They finally reached amidst Thomas’ anticipation.At that
moment, Thomas was excited. He finally didn’t have to tolerate the cold pressure any longer.Elisa got
out of the car and took a breath in. She was in a pretty good mood. It was a shame that Gareth was
around.Thomas parked the car in the hotel courtyard.The three of them walked in together.Thomas
was naturally the one to deal with the check-in procedures.It was just that… when he gave them the
room card, Elisa’s brows furrowed at once. “Why is it a suite?”‘She could still remember staying with
Gareth in a suite the last time they went on a business trip. Now, they were staying in a suite together
again!Thomas didn’t seem to have noticed anything. He said earnestly, “Ms. Benett, it’s dangerous
here. You should stay with Mr. Wickam.”Elisa’s brows wrinkled tightly. “There’s no need. I know self-
defense.”After that, she took out her ID and wanted to book another room, but Gareth looked at her
coldly. “Go to the room.”Elisa couldn’t be bothered to speak to him. She looked at the receptionist.
“Hello, please give me another room.”The receptionist looked at Elisa politely and said, “I’m sorry, miss.
We are fully booked. There’s nothing available here if you don’t book in advance.”Elisa was
dumbstruck.Thomas looked at Elisa. “Ms. Benett, it’s a suite after all. Let’s head up first.” Elisa looked
at Thomas. “Let’s switch.”Thomas immediately held his room card tightly. It was as though something
behind him was about to pierce through him. He didn’t dare to turn around and said at once, “We can’t
switch. I haven’t been feeling too well for the past two days, and I’m afraid I will spread it to Mr. Wickam
if I share a room with him.”Elisa answered, “Can you come up with a better excuse?”Thomas scratched
the tip of his nose. He said calmly and shamelessly, “I’m serious.”Elisa pursed her lips and didn’t say
anything else.When the receptionist saw three gorgeous-looking people in front of her, she was
indescribably excited. This is Mr. Wickam and Ms. Benett! The other handsome man is Thomas, Mr.
Wickam’s assistant!Thomas was a popular figure as well.He was handsome, rich, and had&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;extraordinary professional abilities. He was an outstanding man!Many women were enamored by
Thomas.As for Gareth, more women were enchanted by him, but… Gareth had too strong a demeanor.
He was aggressive and dignified, which intimidated many women at first glance. They were from
different worlds. This was the reason why some women switched sides subconsciously and started to
take notice of Thomas.Elisa didn’t want to say anything else now. She walked into the elevator.Thomas
and Gareth followed her.Only the three of them were in the elevator, and there was radio silence
again.Upon arriving at the room, Thomas opened the doors for Elisa and Gareth. He put the room card
into the power outlet before leaving them tactfully. At the same time, a significant burden was lifted from
his shoulders.Elisa walked in and changed her shoes. She didn’t want to say a single word to Gareth,
and she walked into her room.Gareth’s face was cold. He didn’t want to speak to Elisa either.But…
They didn’t know that downstairs, the scene that had played out between Elisa and Gareth was
happening again.
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