Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 786

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa didn’t feel like sitting at the back this time, so she sat in the passenger’s seat.Gareth’s cold
expression darkened. This was a long and difficult trek. Elisa closed her eyes after getting into the car,
preparing to sleep.But her cell phone vibrated, and she looked at it. It was from the group chat between
her, Rachel, and Sheena.— Rachel: ‘Elisa, are you already with Gareth?’Surprise streaked across
Elisa’s eyes. Who saw them together? Did someone tweet about it?— Elisa: ‘Yes.’— Sheena: ‘Why are
you together? Is it for work?’— Elisa: ‘Yes. We’re going to Phoenix Bridge today because we have
some matters to deal with.’— Sheena: ‘Phoenix Bridge? That’s so far away. Are you alone with
Gareth?’— Rachel: ‘D*mn! It’s true! That jerk didn’t lie!’After that, Rachel sent a picture of herself
looking scornful.— Sheena: ‘???’— Elisa: ‘???’— Elisa: ‘Thomas is here as well.’Elisa kept typing on
her cell phone. From her position, Gareth couldn’t see the contents of her cell phone.Gareth raised his
hands and massaged his temples.In the end, he reclined in the backseat as he shut his eyes to
relax.But… Thomas could clearly feel waves of cold air attacking him from the back. It made him want
to increase the temperature in the car.On the other hand, Elisa was still typing.— Elisa: ‘Vincent?’—
Rachel: ‘Mm. Let’s talk later. I have to do some work.’— Sheena: ‘Go ahead. Liz, you won’t be coming
back tonight, will you?’ — Elisa: ‘I don’t think so. It’ll be dark by the time we reach, so we won’t be able
to do anything. We should only be inspecting tomorrow in the day.’— Sheena: ‘Ah, it’s a great resort,
but Gareth is with you. You don’t have the time to enjoy yourself either… You have to be careful. It’s a
slightly rough area.’— Elisa: ‘Mm. I understand. Don’t worry. I’m going to sleep for a while. You should
rest too.’— Sheena: ‘Okay.’Just like that, the group quietened down again. Elisa put her cell phone
down and closed her eyes to relax.The car was hushed without Vincent around. Elisa fell asleep
unwittingly.She woke up when Thomas stopped to refuel on the way.She looked around and glanced at
her cell phone. It was four in the afternoon. They were going to reach in about an hour.Thomas got into
the car and put on his seat belt before he started driving again.There was radio silence in the car, but
Elisa had slept for a few hours, so she couldn’t sleep anymore.She unlocked her cell phone and
scrolled through Twitter. Everything was quite normal on Twitter today. She really didn’t want to be a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;trending topic again.Gareth opened his eyes when there was movement from Elisa.As he watched her
scroll her cell phone in a bored manner, the wrinkle in his brows seemed to have
tightened.Coincidentally, at that moment, Elisa turned and glanced at him.Both their eyes happened to
meet.Elisa was slightly startled, but at the next moment, she said calmly, “Can we return
tomorrow?”The iciness around Gareth grew. His cold voice made its way into her ears. “We’ll return
once we’re done with work. I don’t want to stay a moment longer with you either.”Elisa was
dumbfounded.She was used to Gareth being like that in the three years they were married.
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