Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 785

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&#lt;p&#gt;“D*mn! There’s nothing between Rachel and me! She took something of my mom’s! Please don’t
confuse it with anything else.”The corner of Gareth’s lips curved slowly. It was obviously a sarcastic
smile. Vincent was about to lose his temper. “D*mn! Why don’t you believe me no matter how many
times I tell you?! Why would I be interested in that tomboy? Don’t let me hear something like this
again!”Gareth looked at him indifferently. “When have you ever gotten this angry in the past when other
women are brought up?” There was something strange about his temper. He could only have gotten
angry because it hit his sore spot. His shame had turned to anger, and he was feeling irritable. Vincent
now looked like he was about to explode.He snarled, “It’s because I hate that woman. There are so
many beautiful women around. Why don’t you pair me up with a better woman instead?”“I don’t see
you on the verge of losing your temper when other flawless women much better than Rachel are
brought up.”“D*mn! There’s bad blood between Rachel and me! Bad blood!” Vincent was still refuting
Gareth.But Gareth only sneered. He couldn’t be bothered to entertain Vincent any longer.Vincent
scoffed as well. “Talk is cheap! Settle your relationship with Elisa before you give me advice!”Gareth
looked at Vincent indifferently before standing up wordlessly.Vincent was still holding his cutlery. The
three had been eating together, but he was now the only one left.He lost his appetite in an instant and
put down his cutlery irritably. His brows wrinkled tightly.But in the end, he called Rachel.But at the next
moment, his call was rejected.“D*mn! Stupid woman!” Vincent was annoyed and called her
again!Rachel rejected his call again!He made yet another call!This time, she seemed to have been
irked by the calls. She answered and cried out in a rage, “Can’t you take a hint from the rejected calls?
Why are you still calling me? I’m busy!” Vincent answered indifferently, “Gareth and Elisa are going to
Phoenix Bridge in the afternoon. They might not be coming back today.”In an instant, Rachel didn’t
want to hang up any longer, while Vincent’s expression improved slightly.But in the blink of an eye, he
had a nasty expression. She’s staying on the line because of someone else!“Why are they going
there?”Vincent answered angrily, “Because Gareth is going on a business trip. Do you want to go? You
can take care of your best friend and stop Gareth from bullying her.”“D*mn!” Rachel was slightly&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;irritated.Vincent’s face darkened a little. “Can you be more ladylike? You’re swearing at the drop of a
hat. How coarse!”“I’ll do whatever the heck I want! Why do you care? It’s not like I’m marrying
you!”Vincent was dumbstruck.He ground his teeth. He wanted to rush to the woman and seal her lips
shut so she couldn’t say anything else!“So, are you going? I’ll bring you along if you are. Such an
opportunity is rare!”“You’re being so kind?” Rachel’s voice was highly doubtful.Of course not!He was
only taking her there so they could get closer, and he could eventually trick her and get back what
belonged to his mom!But he could only hold it in and not say anything. He snorted coldly, “I don’t want
to see Elisa being bullied! I don’t have all the time in the world. Are you going? If not, I’ll leave
now!”“Yes, yes I am!”Rachel couldn’t be bothered about anything else. She was terrified that Elisa
would get hurt!Vincent’s expression improved slightly, and he immediately said, “I’ll come and pick you
up now.”“Alright. I’m at the law firm now.”Vincent ignored her and ended the call before going to the
underground parking. He had arranged for his car to be sent over because he knew he would be eating
there.At that time, Elisa and the other two arrived at their car.
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