Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 784

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&#lt;p&#gt;The waiter started serving the dishes pre-ordered by Thomas, so they could start the meal
immediately.After he had finished parking, he froze when he saw their seating arrangement. Knowing
Gareth well, he knew that he was unwelcome there.However, just as he was hesitating, Vincent said
warmly, as though he didn’t understand the situation, “Come over, Thomas! We are going to leave as
soon as we finish eating. There isn’t a lot of time!” Thomas was speechless upon hearing that. Forget
the site visit – we are going to take a rest as soon as we arrive. It’s not urgent at all. He clearly wants
me to be the third-wheeler.Neither Gareth nor Elisa commented on that.Thomas gritted his teeth and
walked toward them unwillingly. Meanwhile, Vincent smiled at Gareth tauntingly. Just tell us that you
want to sit next to her. You brought me here today just to sit together with her in the car, didn’t you?
Thomas felt immense pressure while walking toward them. When he finally sat down, he suddenly felt
uneasy.Throughout the course of their meal, he couldn’t focus on the taste of the food. He was all too
aware of the sheer coldness permeating the air from Gareth’s presence.Elisa treated the entire
situation nonchalantly and ate the food as usual.After finishing, she placed her cutlery down.At the
same time, Thomas had no appetite and followed suit.Vincent glanced at both of them. “You guys are
too fast!”However, as soon as he finished speaking, Gareth also placed his cutlery down and stared at
him icily. You’d better finish your food quickly too, his gaze seemed to say Vincent was delighted to see
that. He’s starting to take his anger out on us now because of Elisa.At that moment, Gareth
commanded, “Get the car.”Vincent’s lips twitched. “Hey, I’m still eating here!”Gareth’s cold stare swept
past him. “Aren’t you going to fetch someone?”Vincent’s face instantly darkened. He wanted to crack
more jokes but was at a loss for words.Elisa showed no interest in their conversation whatsoever. She
got up with Thomas and said, “I’ll follow you.”Thomas was put on a spot, so he left without another
word.I should have left immediately just now. In that case, Elisa has no reason to follow me. Argh, life is
so difficult! Being Mr. Wickam’s assistant is even more so!Vincent looked at Gareth after they left. “To
be honest, I already asked Thomas about the deal between you and Elisa. The misunderstandings
between you two have been around for more than several years. Shouldn’t you lower your pride now&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that you want her back?”Gareth frowned and glared at him frostily.Vincent placed his hands on
Gareth’s shoulders and squeezed them as though he wanted to calm him down. “I don’t care if you like
her or think she’s a suitable match. The result will be the same, nonetheless. Judging from your pride
and arrogance, do you think she will reconcile with you? Ha, in your dreams!”The veins on Gareth’s
neck grew visibly more prominent. “Are you done?”“Of course, I’m not done. I–”Before he could
continue, Gareth’s mocking voice rang. “You better focus on Rachel first before complaining about me.”
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