Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 783

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa immediately retorted, “I’ll take the passenger seat.”Gareth’s face darkened upon hearing that. As
Elisa made her way to the passenger seat, Thomas interjected before she took more than two steps,
“Mr. Shane’s seated in the passenger seat.”Elisa was speechless upon hearing that. She remained
silent and walked back to Thomas, who still kept the door open for her.Why is Vincent going to Phoenix
Bridge?She wanted an excuse to avoid sitting next to Gareth, so she tried to take the passenger
seat.Yet, it didn’t go as planned.After getting in the car, Vincent turned around and beamed at her
brightly. “Good afternoon, Ms. Benett!”He was joking when he addressed her as ‘Ms. Benett.’ Since
everyone was doing the same, the weight of ‘Ms. Benett’ was equivalent to ‘Mrs. Wickam.’Elisa
frowned and ignored him, but Vincent took delight in her response.“Come on. We’ve known each other
before this – don’t ignore me! It’s so awkward!”Gareth also got into the car and sat right next to
Elisa.Though there was some space between them, he exuded such power that made her feel
uneasy.“Since we already know each other, do you still feel awkward?” Elisa asked coolly.“Of course!”
Vincent replied without hesitation. Before he could continue, Gareth shot a hard look at him. Upon
receiving such a look, he quickly turned around and spoke to Thomas instead.Elisa and Gareth ignored
him, but he had a great time chatting with Thomas without stopping. The car continued on until they
reached a restaurant.Vincent arched his eyebrows. “We’ve arrived in such a short time.”With that, he
turned around to look at Elisa. “Come have lunch together, Ms. Benett.”Gareth was already out of the
car, so he did not make any comment.Thomas smiled at her. “You can head toward the restaurant first,
Ms. Benett. I’ll park the car.”“Okay.”Hence, Elisa got out and walked behind Gareth and Vincent.As
soon as she entered the restaurant, she realized something was off.It was a popular restaurant, but
there was no one to be seen during lunch hour, which usually attracted a huge crowd.They were the
only ones there.I’m an idiot if I can’t tell that he already booked this place, she thought. Well, they’re
rich.She entered the restaurant without overthinking it.However, she froze when Gareth and Vincent sat
down.It was a rectangular table with couches on each side. There were no chairs, so she would have
to share the couch with either of them since they sat opposite each other.Without any hesitation, she&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;sat right next to Vincent, which came as a surprise to him.“I don’t dare to sit next to you!”Elisa arched
an eyebrow and ignored him.Gareth looked at her sharply, but she kept her head low, not looking at
him at all.Vincent guffawed and said sarcastically, “Look at how unpopular you are! Apparently, girls like
me better!”Elisa remained silent, but she had a feeling that Gareth was unhappy about the situation.
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