Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 782

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa was still sullen because of the work trip to Phoenix Bridge with Gareth.Though it was in Bayswe, it
was quite some distance away. Since they came from the opposite end of the city, traveling to Phoenix
Bridge was akin to going to another city. Hence, if they traveled there in the afternoon, they wouldn’t
have enough time to survey the sites. Therefore, it was likely they had to stay the night.The thought of
it frustrated Elisa. However, Gareth had already given such a command in public. She knew she had to
be professional about it; otherwise, there would be rumors about her flexing special privileges. Since
she wanted to take Benett Group back, she couldn’t allow for such mishaps.This project, arranged by
Gareth, was crucial to her.Everyone in the meeting room became silent. Some of the women there
started to feel envious of her. How is she so lucky? She gets to marry Mr. Wickam, and even after their
divorce, he still courts her. They have so much time to spend with each other alone. Ah, how I wish to
be in her shoes!Many wanted to sigh out loud but didn’t dare to do so. It was a suicidal attempt –
Gareth could fire them anytime if he were unhappy about it.The women could only keep their feelings
for him a secret and watch over their boss from a distance, just like they would with a celebrity
crush.Gareth left without any further comments.“You may leave now,” Thomas announced, leaving
everyone baffled. Is the meeting ending early today? It’s so quick! They thought incredulously.As soon
as Elisa and Gareth left the room, someone asked quietly, unable to hold themselves back. “Mr.
Wickam didn’t say much at all. Instead, Ms. Benett was driving the meeting just now. Is he giving her
the opportunity to lead?”Such an explanation didn’t occur to most people. They were still upset about
the situation, but a look of understanding suddenly dawned on their face.A male employee straightened
his tie and said, “Gosh! I didn’t think of it this way! That was the case after all!”The rest of the group left
thoughtfully, though without any further comments.They didn’t dare to gossip about it in the meeting
room and left with their belongings.However, after the meeting, rumors spread like wildfire.Some of
them spread the rumors just because they liked gossiping. Meanwhile, others used it to warn people in
their department not to follow in the footsteps of the previous woman who got fired from the human
resources department.Everyone got back to work. When it was time for lunch, Thomas called Elisa to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;tell her that it was time to leave and that she could walk to the basement parking lot.She didn’t reply to
him, but her vexation increased.When she arrived at the basement, she saw Thomas and Gareth in
front of her and quickly caught up to them.Then, Thomas opened the car door for her. “Ms. Benett,
welcome.”She ignored him purposefully out of annoyance, not showing any signs of getting into the car.
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Chapter 782
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