Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 780

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth’s gaze landed on Elisa. Even though he didn’t say a word, she could feel the thick sarcasm in
his eyes.Nevertheless, she ignored him and looked at the manager from the planning department
instead. “Why did you shift the tasks around?”The manager quickly explained, “Everyone excels at
different things. Since there are some changes in the project, we decided to work on the tasks that suit
us most.” Gareth glanced at him coldly. “And the result is?”Realizing something was off, and the
manager didn’t dare to look at Gareth. Instead, he turned to Elisa, whose face also carried a bleak
expression.A shiver traveled down his spine. Oh no! I thought we would get better results that way, and
I might even be praised by Ms. Benett and Mr. Wickam. Yet, I’ve arrogantly ventured away from our
initial plan. I’m doomed!With such thoughts in mind, his legs trembled.Elisa remained silent, while the
manager had no idea what had gone wrong.No one else dared to say anything. All the employees in
the planning department panicked, their hearts palpitating wildly.Though they were just following
orders, they were still from the planning department.Immediately, Gareth asked, “This is the result you
promised, eh?”Elisa knew the odds were stacked against her. Gareth let her drive the project, but she
didn’t realize the manager acted on his own accord. She had to take responsibility for that.Without any
explanation, she nodded. “I’ve overlooked this.” Gareth’s frown deepened. He expected her to explain
the situation.However, without waiting for his reply, she looked at the team from the planning
department.“You shifted people around and exchanged tasks with another department, delaying our
progress and reducing efficiency. You didn’t come up with the design or the plan, and now we have to
call off our current plan. Now both departments have to work overtime to get back on track. Do you
have any objections?”Everyone was speechless upon hearing that.What the hell? She resembles Mr.
Wickam so much when she asks us to work overtime!Gareth pursed his lips quietly. He was clear on
the boundary between work and personal life. He wouldn’t unleash his anger toward Elisa at work, but
he felt annoyed at her calm and efficient way of handling things.She handled the situation perfectly, but
his forehead creased in exasperation. No one dared to say anything, though they were unhappy about
it.They directed their anger at the manager from the planning department. All he had to do was to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;follow orders. Why did he make his own decision? Now we have to work overtime because of him!The
manager panicked and quickly said, “I’m sorry for my mistake. I’m willing to work overtime without
getting overtime pay. It’s because of my negligence, after all. I’ll pay for everyone’s overtime pay as
well.”Elisa replied calmly, “It’s fine. Just carry out the work as you’re supposed to. I’ll take responsibility
for this.”With that, she implied that she would pay everyone’s overtime fees out of her own money.The
edges of his face hardened.
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Chapter 780
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