Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 779

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&#lt;p&#gt;Hmph! Whatever! I have nothing to be afraid of.Half an hour was soon over. Everyone made their way
to the meeting room. When Elisa arrived, the room was already occupied. Everyone greeted her again
when they saw her.Though exasperated, she couldn’t do anything about it. A few more people arrived,
followed by Gareth and Thomas, who were the last.Elisa was the only person in the room who didn’t
look at them.Gareth’s broad shoulders and lean waist made him look even more indifferent in a suit.
There was a grim look on his face, and his eyes exuded coldness. His tightly pursed lips accentuated
the icy vibes he had been giving.The women in the room no longer dared to look at him, each lowering
her head.As soon as he entered, he looked at Elisa, who was seated right next to the main seat.She
was reading the documents in front of her calmly, but he could still feel the distance between
them.Gareth frowned and sat down next to her while everyone held their breaths.He was not someone
to be crossed, especially at that moment.Everyone was perplexed to see that. With Ms. Benett here, he
should be in a good mood. Why is he so terrifying today?The people sitting close to him felt like they
were frozen in their seats.Is it because Ms. Benett rejected him? That seems plausible. Some of them
looked at Elisa begrudgingly. He is such a decent person. Why didn’t she accept him? Now, we have to
suffer because of that. I can already imagine how we would be criticized later. If all our proposals are
going to be shot down later, we have to spend the next few days rewriting them. This is tough…Since
everyone had already arrived, Thomas looked at Elisa and announced, “Ms. Benett, we can start now.
Can you report the latest progress in the project? Perhaps each department manager can also give an
update.”Elisa said calmly, “Let’s start from the human resource department.”The human resource
department manager froze upon hearing that.Though he was grateful that Elisa gave him the
opportunity first, he felt nervous about Gareth’s presence.Nevertheless, he braved his insecurities and
cleared his throat.“After the commencement of the project, we have changed how we recruit people.
Right now, we have already recruited…”He reported the statistics and numbers fearfully. Nevertheless,
it was already expected of the employees who worked with Gareth to produce good results.It didn’t
alleviate his nervousness that he was not an exception to that expectation. After he finished speaking,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;he still felt his hands trembling.The subsequent manager took the baton and started taking turns
reporting to Gareth.Though everyone had a good report, Elisa frowned when she heard some minor
mistakes.Meanwhile, Gareth’s face grew more solemn.
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Chapter 779
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