Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 778

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda frowned and sighed, “I know.”She didn’t trust the caller either, but she didn’t want to wait any
longer. Rose was satisfied to see that she hadn’t lost her sanity. “Let’s wait for her news. Once
everything is settled, we will get out of here as soon as possible,” she said with a nod.“Yeah.” …That
day had come to an end quickly, but many people were unable to sleep.That night, Elisa woke up
several times, not having rested enough.She would have been late if her alarm didn’t ring the next
day.When Rachel met her outside the bathroom, she greeted her with a smile. “Morning, babe!”Elisa
smiled. “Morning. I’ll make breakfast while you shower.”“No, I’ve already ordered food delivery. It’s
almost here now.” She waved her phone at Elisa, who nodded.“Okay. I’ll leave you to brush up
now.”Elisa seemed to be fine, but Rachel felt helpless about the situation. No matter what happened,
Elisa was the type of person to act calm and collected, pretending everything was alright so that others
wouldn’t worry about her.Nevertheless, Rachel was worried that she might still be upset upon the
mention of their past.She entered the bathroom with the same helpless feeling stirring within her.Half
an hour later, they parted ways with each other after breakfast.Rachel wanted to give Elisa some
advice, but she didn’t do so. Elisa wasn’t someone who would require advice from others. Even if she
did, Rachel’s advice wouldn’t be of use. She would need to seek therapy from a professional. That was
why Rachel remained quiet in the end.After arriving at the office, people were looking at Elisa
differently. Since Gareth confessed his feelings to her, no one dared to treat her as an ordinary
employee.They realized the divorce was just a tiny squabble between the couple; Gareth had already
regretted his decision and pursued her again.She’s going to be our boss’s wife soon. Who would dare
to bully her?“Hi, Ms. Benett.”“Good morning, Ms. Benett.”“Hello, Ms. Benett.”She had been greeted by
various people in the morning. And she knew very well the cause of the change.Is this how it feels to
have someone more powerful backing me up?In the past, everyone addressed her as Mrs. Wickam,
and now it was Ms. Benett.It was all because of Gareth. A look of sarcasm flashed through her eyes,
but she didn’t want to have any further interaction with Gareth. After this case, she no longer wanted to
be in his life.Nevertheless, life was complicated and annoying.Not long after she arrived in her office,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Thomas called her. “Yes, Mr. May?”“Ms. Benett, Mr. Wickam has a meeting regarding your project at
half past nine. You are needed there to report the progress so that we can discuss the next step.”Elisa
frowned. “Alright.”“Great.”With that, the call ended. However, Elisa looked at the phone mockingly.He
didn’t even keep an eye on this project previously and handed everything to me. Is he supervising me
now, worried I might sabotage the work because of yesterday’s events?
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