Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 777

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&#lt;p&#gt;It was an unidentified caller, but Linda picked it up immediately.Without even waiting for her to reply, the
caller said, “Prepare for the second thing tomorrow.” It was the high, sweet voice again.Linda
immediately asked, “What are you planning to do?” She didn’t notice the excitement and anticipation in
her voice.The caller chuckled. “Seems like you are ready to work together.”Rose frowned and shook
her head at Linda, warning her to stay calm. However, Linda ignored her.She tightened her grip on the
phone and said, “As long as you make her pay without affecting me, I will work with you!”The caller
laughed again. “Since we are working together, I will protect my partner! You don’t have to worry about
that. As for Elisa, I’ve never once wished her well.”The sweet voice sounded sinister at that moment,
but Linda overlooked that. Instead, she said in excitement, “Sure! I’ll wait for your news tomorrow. It all
depends on you now. I will give her a hard time as soon as I’m out!”Linda had utterly lost her cool,
ignoring Rose’s signals.The caller was very satisfied with her reaction. “Very well. Let’s work well
together. I’m sure you can handle your mother.”“Of course.”“Pack your things. You can get out in two
hours.” Linda’s eyes widened with incredulity and shock. Two hours? Is she that powerful? How could
she prove that she’s not related to the news?Before she could ask anything, the caller hung up.Linda
was deep in her thoughts when she put her phone down. She seemed to have forgotten about her
anger toward Elisa.Rose’s frown deepened as she looked at her. “How could you agree so abruptly?
Do you know what it entails to work with her? If she’s influential, we might be involved in the rest of her
plan!”Linda laughed coldly. “So what? She can let us out of here in two hours, but what can you do?
You make me suffer here; how much longer do you want to subject me to it?”Rose kept frowning, still
disagreeing with her daughter’s decision. “We can also be out after some time. There’s no need to be
so hasty about it.”However, Linda gritted her teeth. “I don’t care! I just want Elisa to go to jail right now! I
don’t want to see her disgusting face any longer!”Rose’s face darkened. I also want Elisa to get the
retributions she deserves, but it’s not the right time now! If I stop Linda now, she won’t tell me anything
in the future; if this continues, she will be knee-deep in this mess. What should I do?Taking a deep
breath, Rose told her severely, “If that’s what you want, I won’t stop you. However, you must tell me&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;everything that person asks you to do. We can talk through it to see if she’s lying to you. Don’t do
everything alone, okay?”
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