Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 773

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&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent continued, “I was curious about that gift, too, at that time. It was not tightly sealed, so I wanted
to open it to see what was inside. But he did not let me touch it at all.”Then, Vincent told Elisa the story
about him wanting to take a peek at Elisa’s gift but failing. But the scathing look on Elisa’s face
continued to grow.Of course, he wouldn’t let Vincent touch it. He wanted to let Elisa see his perfect
side. He wanted to make her realize she was not worthy of someone or something so perfect. That’s
why he didn’t want the heels to get ruined. Elisa might think she was worthy of the heels if they got
ruined. Elisa suddenly felt irritated once more.“Elisa, I…” Vincent seemed like he wanted to say more,
but Elisa interrupted him coldly, “Stop.”“…”Oh no. He had said something he shouldn’t again.She had
already calmed down and was feeling all right listening to him talk.Vincent felt helpless. He had tried his
best for Gareth. It was up to the heavens to decide if the two were destined for each other.The air fell
quiet again since Vincent stopped talking to Elisa. He sent a text message to Rachel on his way back.
Rachel could not believe what Vincent had told her. But she dared not doubt Vincent as well. When
Elisa arrived home, Rachel was at Elisa’s doorstep.She held her bag with both hands and paced back
and forth on Elisa’s doorstep. She looked worried.She immediately walked over when she saw the
Rolls Royce with Elisa in the co-drivers seat. Rachel looked at Elisa worriedly when she got out of the
car. “Elisa.” She did not ask any questions as Vincent was present.Elisa smiled at her, hinting that she
was still all right.Then, Elisa turned to Vincent. Rachel followed after her.Vincent did not get out of the
car. He knew it wouldn’t be convenient for the girls to have a conversation if he were around. He
winded down the car window and said calmly, “Rachel, do stay back and accompany her tonight. I’m
going back first.”He was aware that the two women would not treat his unwanted stay kindly. They
would probably ignore him too. So he put up his window and left after he finished speaking.Only then
Rachel turned to Elisa and took her by the hand. She asked gently, “What’s wrong? What
happened?”Tears shone in Elisa’s eyes. She should have stopped Vincent just now. She only saw him
fiddling with his phone, but she didn’t know he was texting Rachel. She thought it was Gareth.When
Vincent told Old Madam Wickam that he would send Elisa to Rachel’s, she thought he was just trying&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to comfort her.She should have stopped him. Then Rachel wouldn’t have to worry about her.Elisa
spoke softly, “I’m fine. What did Vincent tell you?”Rachel frowned hard. She was afraid Elisa would lie if
she told her what she knew. “Tell me first, what happened today?”Elisa did not want to hide anything
from Rachel. She led Rachel into her house and told the whole story to Rachel. Rachel’s face
immediately turned grim.“Jerk! How could Gareth act like that!”Elisa forced a smile and said
nothing.They sat on the sofa. Rachel gritted her teeth and snarled, “Tell him to scram! He should just
die! Trash! Men are all so useless!”a
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