Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 774

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rachel’s reaction amused Elisa. “Well, there are many men who are not jerks.”Rachel sighed, “Do you
really think that good men are easy to find? How many are as chivalrous as Carle?” The look in Elisa’s
eyes turned complicated again. She tightened her lips quietly.Rachel noticed Elisa’s gloominess. She
realized she should not have mentioned Carle as Elisa also didn’t like him. “Alright, alright. Let’s stop
talking about them. Why don’t we watch TV?”Elisa nodded. “Okay.”She initially did not feel like doing
so. But Rachel was so warm and cheerful. Her presence made Elisa feel so much better.……The hot
search was still going on rage. But after a few tweaks of Twitter’s bug, the website did not lag
anymore.Although it was still laggy for some people, many continued to comment about the incident.
Some thought that Elisa did not deserve so much attention. She was just average, yet she was now
more popular than a celebrity.Many directors secretly wished that Elisa was their actress!She did not
have to have any acting skills. She would do fine if she got an easy and good script!It was such a pity…
They dared not offer her any contracts. Her background was unnerving—she knew Gareth Wickam and
Will Darcey.Some female celebrities were pure and innocent. But the entertainment industry itself was
dangerous and rumored to be atrocious. So many people had negative impressions of female
celebrities.Of course… Gareth and Will would not let their woman enter a world like that.At that
moment, many people were still paying attention to the hot search. Nicole was one of them.She had
been busy all day. When she heard the maids discussing Gareth and Elisa on the hot search upon
returning home, she could not help checking her Twitter.She initially thought it was just rumors or a
gimmick to make them famous. But when she saw the photo of Gareth and Elisa acting so intimately,
she lost it. Moreover, Gareth was the one making a move.She held her phone in her hand with her lips
formed in a hard line. She did not utter a single word. Tears had already filled her eyes.Nicole’s mother,
Sharon Turner, had naturally heard about the rumor. She rushed to her daughter’s room
immediately.She saw Nicole sitting on the sofa alone with her head bowed low.A huge drop of tears fell
from Nicole’s eyes suddenly. She immediately raised her hand to wipe it off and turned away from
Sharon. She did not want Sharon to see her crying.But it was too late. Sharon had seen it. She walked&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;into Nicole’s room and shut the door after her. Then, she walked towards Nicole’s side and sat down.“I
know that you are upset. Just cry if you feel like it. You don’t have to keep it all inside you.”Upon
hearing this, a flood of tears fell from Nicole’s eyes.Nicole quickly took a deep breath. She didn’t want
to look so desperate, so she tried her best to control herself. She shouldn’t be crying.She was not
someone who was easily defeated! She will not believe those rumors she read online!Sharon sighed
gently. “Perhaps Gareth isn’t meant for you. Must it be him?”Nicole sniffed uncontrollably. She held
back her cry and said, “Mom, I’ve had enough of him. I don’t want to feel like this too. But I cannot help
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