Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 770

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&#lt;p&#gt;Sure enough, Elisa stopped right after hearing Vincent’s words.Vincent immediately stopped his car
beside Elisa. He told her, “Grandma is concerned about you. She wants me to send you back. Hop on
in, or else Grandma will worry.” Elisa frowned. She did not say anything, but she could see that Vincent
was, indeed, alone in the car.But she did not intend to get into the car. She spoke coldly, “You can tell
Grandma that you’ve sent me back. I will not tell anyone about this.” “Grandma said she wanted me to
call her and let you speak to her. If not, she would not believe me. Grandma has aged. You shouldn’t
cause her any unnecessary stress. You weren’t in the right state just now when you left. Do you still
want Grandma to worry?”Elisa frowned once more and kept silent.“Hurry and get in. Grandma will
worry about you if you don’t.” Vincent persuaded her once more.Elisa had no choice but to open the
car door.Vincent only started the car when he saw her in the car with her seatbelt fastened.He was
reluctant to drive, but he was afraid Elisa would want to get out of the car if he started asking questions.
Then, he could not do what Grandma had trusted him in. He hesitated a while before looking at Elisa
and asked, “What happened? Why did you leave all of a sudden? Why is your face so pale?” He could
not help but blurt out.Elisa looked extraordinarily calm. She was no longer as worked up as when she
talked to Gareth. She replied indifferently, “Nothing.” Elisa did not feel like talking too much.Because
there was no point in discussing the matter.Elisa did not have a good impression of Vincent
either.Moreover, he was Gareth’s friend. Elisa naturally wanted to avoid him.Although Vincent did not
manage to retrieve any information from Elisa, he continued to ask, “What happened? Why don’t you
tell me? Perhaps I can help you analyze the matter? Did the pair of heels remind you about what
happened in the past?”A light flickered in Elisa’s eyes. She remained quiet.She did not want to answer
Vincent. But her silence seemed like a ‘yes’ to him.He continued, “Did something bad happen between
the two of you in the past?”Elisa scoffed. “When did anything good happen between us in the
past?”Taken off guard by her response, Vincent found it difficult to utter a word.This rascal! He is
trash!Vincent could find no way to refute Elisa. He thought back and realized that Gareth had indeed
never praised Elisa.Wait… that’s not right.He did praise Elisa before!He glanced at Elisa and said, “Two&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;of you have misunderstood each other. He had always kept you in his heart. But he is just too stubborn
to admit it. We are good friends, so I know him too well! He had once said that no one could do a better
job as Mrs. Wickam than you. He…”Just as Vincent was halfway through his sentence, he suddenly
felt… he better not say anything else.Because he saw the bitterness in Elisa’s eyes grow deeper.Elisa
smiled. “You don’t have to say anymore.”
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Chapter 770
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