Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 769

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&#lt;p&#gt;But Gareth continued to remain silent. Vincent started to feel anxious. He narrowed his eyebrows,
“Hurry up and tell me!”Gareth’s face turned grimmer. He looked creepy even without speaking. Vincent,
however, was impatient. He said in a low voice, “Can you frigging tell me already? Did you manage to
catch Elisa up? Did you talk to her? What happened?”Gareth did not intend to tell him anything. He
continued to walk on, but Vincent grabbed him by his arm. Gareth glared at the hands on his arm
instantly. He disliked people touching him without his consent.But Vincent did not care anymore. “Elisa
must have lost her temper today over something serious. Why did you not chase after her?”Vincent
had arrived late because he had to accompany Julia earlier. He only came because Julia told him to,
out of concern.But the only person he saw when he arrived was Gareth’s lonesome figure.“Hey! Can
you speak? What on earth happened just now? Grandma is worried.”Gareth frowned even harder.
Finally, he spoke in a low voice, “You should leave.”Gareth’s state of defeat flustered Vincent.Was he
being chased away before he had even eaten?“My car broke down. I can’t leave.”Gareth did not even
look at Vincent. He ordered coldly as he walked towards the manor, “Drive my car.”“I’m not
leaving!”Vincent increased his pace and chased Gareth up. He knew it was no use for him to persuade
Gareth. Gareth would never do something that he didn’t want to.But Vincent wanted to know what
caused Elisa to act this way.Gareth walked so fast that Vincent had to run a bit to keep up with him.
Vincent continued, “Can’t you tell me what’s going on?” Gareth clenched his fingers into a hard ball
until his fingernails left marks on his palm.Vincent tried his best to find out what happened but failed. In
the end, he gave up.Gareth walked back to the manor.Julia was waiting for him anxiously. When she
saw Gareth and Vincent, she quickly got up. But then…she realized that Elisa was not behind them.
Her eyebrows knitted in worry. “What’s wrong? Where is Elisa? Why didn’t you bring Elisa back?”Julia
was very anxious now. She even had the urge to post a missing person notice online now to let
everyone know that she was looking for her granddaughter, cum granddaughter-in-law.But now…What
did Gareth do?Gareth’s face was dreary as he spoke gloomily, “She had something to do, so she left
first.”“She does not have anything to do! How did she leave? You two drove back here! Do you plan to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;let her walk home?”Gareth turned his head away silently, annoyed.Vincent quickly spoke up, “No, no,
no. I’ll pick her up now. They merely had a small argument. Don’t get wound up, Grandma.”Vincent
glanced at Gareth and reminded him softly, “Grandma has aged. Do be careful with your words and
actions.”After Vincent finished speaking, he ran out.Gareth had just gotten out of his car. His keys were
still in it.Vincent estimated the duration since Elisa left and guessed she hadn’t walked too far.As
expected, he spotted Elisa walking down the mountain after driving a short distance.Vincent honked at
Elisa. But then he remembered that Elisa might think it was Gareth driving and would ignore him. So he
quickly winded down the car window and called, “Elisa, it’s me! Gareth is not here!”
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Chapter 769
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