Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 767

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&#lt;p&#gt;Julia could not help but glance outside to see the two of them. She continued, “Wait a minute! I know
Elisa has been very disappointed in Gareth, but I also know a part of her still can’t completely let go of
Gareth. Elisa has never lost her temper in front of me. But today… she left without even speaking to
me. I’ve never seen her looking as grave as she did earlier. Something is extremely wrong. What is
with the heels? What did you mean just now by gifting women footwear?”Vincent’s face turned slightly
pale. Holy! Are the rumors accurate? Is Elisa giving up on Gareth?Was she just trying to act cool all
this time in front of Gareth? Was she disappointed now after realizing what Gareth wanted when he
gave her those pair of heels? But… this didn’t make sense.Julia got more anxious when she saw the
weird expression on Vincent’s face. “Child, tell me, what does it mean to gift a woman a pair of
footwear!”She had never heard this rumor before.Vincent did not dare to think further on. He quickly
replied, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s not even real. It’s just a rumor that couples cannot gift each other footwear,
or the one who gets the gift will break off the relationship. Could Elisa have mistaken that…Gareth was
hinting at her to break up?”Julia’s face turned ugly. She scolded, “This rascal! Why couldn’t you have
given her something other than heels!”Nevertheless, Julia was just saying it out of anger.She paused
right after she yelled. “This still isn’t right…… Elisa was never someone superstitious. Moreover, it is
just a rumor. She would not have acted out just from a mere superstition.” Vincent’s eyes dimmed.
Indeed, Elisa’s face was pale just now. It seemed like she was offended. He was too busy teasing
Gareth that he didn’t notice Elisa’s grim expression.It was already too late when he noticed…He was
helpless.Although he had the urge to chase after Elisa and Gareth, he could not leave Julia alone. She
would feel helpless about the situation. He quickly said, “Grandma, Gareth has gone out. Although he
is cold and sometimes tacky, he would not let anything happen to Elisa.”Julia sighed helplessly. “I don’t
know when their relationship will get better.”Vincent clicked his tongue and said, “Well, the two of them
refuse to give up, yet do not want to admit that they have feelings for each other. Perhaps they’d only
learn to appreciate one another this way.”Julia frowned and looked at Vincent. “Did you just say that
neither of them is willing to confess their feelings toward the other?”But didn’t Gareth…..?Vincent&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;interrupted Julia’s thoughts. “Of course. Gareth is such a proud man. He just doesn’t want to admit it. I
think it serves him right.”Julia breathed a sigh of relief. That rascal must be acting stubbornly.After a
moment of hesitation, she continued, “I wonder how their discussion will go later.”“Don’t worry,
Grandma. Gareth can still handle things like this,” Vincent replied confidently.“Sigh… I hope so too.”…
At the same moment, Gareth had already caught up to Elisa.
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