Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 766

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&#lt;p&#gt;Just as Julia wanted to ask Vincent what he meant, she suddenly noticed the expression on Elisa’s
face.Even Vincent noticed it. He stopped his jokes immediately and looked at Elisa solemnly. Just as
he was about to say something, Julia spoke, “What is wrong, Elisa?”Elisa’s temperament seemed fine
earlier. Although Julia had wanted to leave just now, she stayed back to help Gareth convince Elisa to
stay. But…Why did Elisa look so gloomy after she saw the gift?A gift box fell onto the ground
suddenly.One side of the Rene Caovilla’s dropped out of the box.The heels were about 8cm long. They
looked breathtakingly exquisite. Elisa could tell that this was a limited edition designed by Rene
Caovilla herself.Her heels had broken during Grandma’s birthday banquet last time. Mr. Jones had told
her that Gareth had prepared it for her.She was doubtful of it then. She knew that Gareth would not do
this for her. Grandma must have ordered Mr. Jones to arrange it for her.So, from that day onwards, she
no longer placed hopes on Gareth.But now.Gareth had prepared this for her.In addition, he had handed
it over to her personally.She thought that perhaps Gareth had meant to gift it to another person.This
pair of heels was well-known and limited. Money alone does not guarantee the purchase of this pair of
heels. Was he hinting to her that she was not worthy?“What’s wrong, Elisa?” Julia was
distraught.Vincent, too, was curious. He initially wanted to pick up the pair of heels but hesitated. Elisa
might not want to take the heels. She was a collected person who barely lost her calm. Something
huge must have happened. Gareth froze instantly. He wanted to know why Elisa was acting that
way.She did not normally act like this in Old Madam Wickam’s presence.Elisa bored into Gareth’s eyes
and said slowly, “Gareth, you picked the right way. I’ve lost. I will not challenge or avenge you in the
future. But please don’t provoke or humiliate me again.”Elisa walked out immediately after she finished
speaking.She did not even bother to talk to Julia this time.“Elisa…!” Julia was startled. She quickly
chased after Elisa, but something felt amiss. Before she took her third step forward, she turned around
and looked at Gareth. “You should be the one chasing after her!”Gareth frowned hard. His robust and
cold presence felt even more distinct. But this time, he listened to his Grandma and quickly chased
after Elisa.Vincent stood there, at a loss for what he should do next. This matter had nothing to do with&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;him, so he had no right to interfere.But when he saw Julia’s worried face, he immediately knew what to
do.He walked up to Julia and supported her. He smiled and gently said, “Grandma, don’t worry. They
are in the enlightenment stage of a relationship. They will need some time to solve their difference.
Everything will turn out well eventually. It would be best if you didn’t get wound up by them. They’re
young and have raging hormones. It’s normal for youngsters to be like that.”But the anxiety in Julia’s
eyes was still evident. “I understand, but Elisa really looked off.”
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