Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 765

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth sat on his sofa, looking nonchalant. But he could still see them if he wanted to.“Hurry. Open it
up.” Elisa stopped hesitating and opened up the box slowly.She was stunned when she saw the
content of the box. The look in her eyes froze on the spot. Gareth was now silently studying Elisa from
the corner of his eyes.He pursed his lips and turned slightly to see Elisa clearer.He probably didn’t
know that he was anxious himself too.Elisa’s face turned pale white.Gareth knew precisely how to
press her buttons.She had never expected Gareth to humiliate her this way.She could not help but
recall what had happened two years ago.They had attended a dinner that night. Their mission was to
pretend to be a model couple in front of outsiders.Gareth had purposely gotten her a pair of
uncomfortable heels that night.Elisa’s feet had gotten red and swollen from the heels. She could not
help but take off her heels right after she entered the lounge room to rest her swollen feet.When Gareth
saw her red and swollen feet, he merely snorted.“You can’t even bear this? Are all women weak like
you?”Elisa frowned lightly. But she quickly undid the pout on her face and spoke gently to the man.
“Gareth, I feel uncomfortable in this pair of heels. Can you get me a pair of Rene Caovilla’s,
please?”Only a pair of Rene Caovilla’s would match her gown that night.Gareth scoffed. “A pair of
Rene Caovilla’s?”His tone was extremely sardonic as he said the two words ‘Rene Caovilla’s.’ He
continued even after he saw the color drain out of her face. “Do you think you are worthy of it?” Elisa’s
lips quivered upon hearing his mocking remarks.After a moment of hesitation, she bit her lips and said
shyly, “I just want to change into another pair of heels. I worry I might embarrass you if I cannot walk
properly later.”Gareth snorted coldly in reply, “Rene Caovilla’s are exclusive items meant for high-class
people. You are not worthy of it.”Gareth turned around to leave as soon as he finished speaking. But he
suddenly stopped when he reached the door and added, “Stop dreaming about things you are not
worthy of and remember to keep to your stature.”Then, he left Elisa on the sofa, trembling.He was right.
She could only be a clown forever. She will never be worthy of Gareth. She was a sinner who did not
have the right to own anything.……“The heels look good. You had put some thought into choosing that
pair for her.” Julia was still staring at the pair of heels in Elisa’s hand. She was engrossed in her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;thoughts, thinking that her grandchild had finally done something right for Elisa. She did not notice Elisa
ruminating on her memories.Vincent was amused. “Don’t you know that men shouldn’t buy women’s
footwear as a gift? Do you know what will happen if you gift them footwear?”Gareth frowned
lightly.Vincent did not notice Julia’s puzzled look. But he saw the confusion in Gareth’s eyes. He
grinned at Gareth and asked, “Do you want to know?”Gareth kept mum with a sullen face. Vincent
teased, “I’m not going to tell you!”It was rumored that if a man gifted his woman footwear, she would
leave the man.Gareth’s face darkened. He turned around, glanced at Elisa, and noticed that something
was off about her.Elisa was now trembling violently.
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