Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 764

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&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent was walking boisterously behind Gareth.“Hi, Grandma!” He greeted her the moment he saw
Julia. Julia did not realize there was someone else until he greeted her. She nodded in greeting and
said, “You’re here too.”“Of course! I missed you! So, I came to see you,” he said, but then felt like
something was off. He had come empty-handed… He looked at Gareth for help, but Gareth was
looking at him with mockery. He was smiling from ear to ear.Vincent cleared his throat embarrassedly
and scratched his nose. All good. As long as I’m not awkward, it will be fine.Julia giggled. She didn’t
care about that.“You came too late. You should’ve come when we were having dinner.”“It’s okay. I feel
full from seeing you. We can have dinner together next time.”Elisa furrowed her brows slightly. She
didn’t care why Vincent was here; she was more concerned about the thing Gareth brought back.
There were cameras recording the living room, and she was worried that Julia might leak the
recordings to show the world the surprise Gareth had prepared for her. From what Elisa saw of Julia’s
behavior, she was sure of it.Julia did not give Elisa time to say anything. She turned to Gareth and
urged with a smile, “What are you doing dilly-dallying? Hurry and give Elisa the present!”Gareth stared
at Elisa and walked over to pass her the small box. The creases on Elisa’s forehead increased. She did
not want to touch the box, but Julia pulled Elisa’s hand toward the box.“What are you waiting for, silly
girl? Open it up and see if it’s a surprise,” Julia urged and turned to ask Gareth suspiciously, “You better
have put in the effort, br*t.”Julia was skeptical if Gareth had put in the effort since he came back so
soon.“Of course I did. It was your orders,” Gareth replied coolly.“Good boy,” Julia harrumphed.Elisa
was holding the box, but her heart wanted to throw it away.“Open it up, silly girl. I want to see what
surprise this br*t prepared for you,” Julia said softly.“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me too. I want to see it!” Vincent
could not read the room. He walked over to join in the fun. He had been curious about the present for a
very long time.Gareth was sitting on the couch. He showed evident disinterest when he took out his
phone to deal with some matters. Elisa was bothered about the blue box in her hands but couldn’t deny
Julia.The box wasn’t too heavy or too light. It was rectangular and about the size of a shoe box. The
box was delicately wrapped and had a light blue ribbon on it. The contrast of the box’s blue and white&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;made it look expensive.Elisa paused and finally pulled the ribbon after another nudge from Julia.Julia
and Vincent had their eyes fixed on the box. They didn’t want to miss any details.
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