Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 763

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&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent’s words were like poison. It slowly evaded its way to his heart. Gareth never thought he liked
Elisa, just that they were compatible.Mere compatibility. “Why don’t you think about Rachel if you have
so much time?” Gareth said to change the topic.“F*ck!! Why did you have to hit me at my tender spot?
You’re such a f*cker!!” Vincent swore loudly. Her name was like an atomic bomb that destroyed his
control. Gareth scoffed and wound up the window, ignoring him. Vincent had to retract his arm so he
wouldn’t get stuck.“Oi! Are you going to abandon your bro? My car broke down! You can’t just leave me
here! Let me in!!”Gareth frowned, and displeasure was adamant on his face.But Vincent could see his
hand move. Soon, the door clicked open. Vincent scrambled to get to the passenger’s seat but was
stopped by Gareth’s cold voice.“The back.”Vincent stopped in his tracks and sullenly sat in the back
seat. His attention was still on the box on the passenger’s seat. He knew Gareth wouldn’t let him touch
it, so he dismissed the thought of opening it. Instead, he tried to question Gareth, “What kind of
surprise is this? Do you think you know more about a girl’s heart than I do? Let me teach you. I can
give you some good advice.”Gareth started the engine, unbothered by his words.Vincent was curious
about what Gareth had prepared for Elisa.But Gareth did not tell him anything, no matter what he
said.…Meanwhile, Will was still at the office. He exuded a dangerous aura as he stared at Twitter.
Twitter had been glitching the entire day because of the constant debate on the heated topic. The
technicians were exhausted from having tried to fix the problem.Finally, they resolved the problem, and
the topic popped up on Will’s Twitter homepage.Cole’s expression was mysterious as he looked at the
news from the side. “The people on site probably don’t know their relationship isn’t as good as they
think. Plus, Ms. Elisa’s been helping you with the Wickam Group situation. I don’t think Mr. Wickam
would want to get back with her after that.”Will forced a smile and said, “He probably regretted
it.”“What…?” Cole was dumbfounded.Will put his phone down. He wasn’t going to call Elisa.“Where are
they now?” He asked calmly.“At Wickam Manor,” Cole answered readily, then added worriedly,
“wouldn’t this benefit you in the long run?”“I know. I have two requests.” Will lifted his eyes to look at
Cole.“What are they?”…At the same time, Gareth and Vincent had arrived at Wickam Manor.Vincent&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;reached for the box and offered, “I’ll hold on to it.”Gareth snatched the box before he could even touch
it.“Alright, petty b*stard. It’s not like I can ruin the surprise.”Gareth ignored him and got out of the car
with the box. Vincent hurried behind as he continued to grumble.Elisa was chatting with Julia. She
wanted to leave, but Julia wouldn’t let her. She looked up and saw Gareth and Vincent walking toward
them. Both of them could see the present in Gareth’s hands.
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