Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 762

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&#lt;p&#gt;All Elisa could do was blink silently. She wanted to leave but couldn’t.Gareth had driven off but hadn’t
gone far. Yet, he was far enough for them at Wickam Manor not to be able to see him. He parked the
car and took a blue box out from the trunk. He placed it on the passenger’s seat and then went back to
the driver’s seat. He was in no rush to leave. He seemed as though he was waiting for time to pass.
His handsome face was emotionless. His phone rang and brought him back to the present.He picked it
up and heard Vincent’s voice on the other end, “What are you doing lurking around?” “I’m doing
something,” Gareth replied nonchalantly.Vincent laughed, “What thing? I saw you get into your car and
just sit there. What do you mean you have something to do?”Gareth couldn’t say anything back in
retort.“Are you finally making your move? Have you finally realized that you have feelings for her?”
Vincent snickered.“I never had any feelings for her,” Gareth said emotionlessly.Vincent clicked his
tongue and walked toward the Rolls Royce with excitement in his steps.“Why are you still denying it?
Why would you give her roses if you had no feelings? You were so romantic,” Vincent teased. “You
covered the ground with flowers. People had nowhere to go because they were scared of ruining your
setup. Mr. Wickam, you’re such a mastermind, letting everyone witness your confession to Elisa like
that.”Gareth’s face darkened. “Are you bored?” “Of course not!!” Vincent said as he reached the Rolls
Royce. He knocked on the driver’s window.The window slowly came down and showed a cool and
handsome face.Vincent placed his hands on the silt and displayed his pearly whites, “Want to go
somewhere?”“What are you doing here?”“I just finished some work. What about you?” Vincent asked.
His eyes suddenly fell on the box on the passenger’s seat.“Sh*t. I can’t believe you really have a
surprise!” Vincent exclaimed. He had seen the posts online and heard what Gareth had said.Gareth’s
expression stiffened, and his silence meant Vincent was right.Vincent was ignorant of the cold aura
emitting from Gareth. He walked toward the passenger’s seat and placed his hand on the
door.‘Click!’Vincent frowned when he heard the click of the lock.“What the heck? I just wanted to see it!
I’m not going to ruin it! Why did you lock the door? Open up!”Gareth ignored him.Vincent became
unhappier. He went back to the driver’s seat. He seemed like he was ready to drag Gareth out of the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;car.“Come on! Get out of the car!”“I said, I have something to do,” Gareth remained calm.“F*ck you! I
know you’re going to suck up to her! You don’t dare express your feelings to her, and you’re always so
stoic! Your personality is going to chase her away, sooner or later!”His words were deafening. Gareth
felt the words pierce his heart, and his expression became sullen.
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Chapter 762
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