Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 761

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth stayed calm. “Yeah, I will prepare her surprise. Grandma, could you clarify things on Twitter in
preparation?”Julia nodded her head quickly, “Of course I can!! You better do a good surprise, or else I
won’t forgive you!!” Elisa could not participate in their conversation at all.Gareth placed his cutleries
down and was about to leave as he had finished dinner. “Stop! There’s no need for a surprise!” Elisa
blurted out. She wanted to stop him, but his footsteps did not falter.Julia returned from the bathroom
and sat back at the dining table. “Don’t worry about him. Let’s finish our dinner,” she said with a
smile.Elisa couldn’t stop her true feelings from showing on her face. She quickly finished off the food on
her plate and made an excuse. “Grandma, it’s getting late. I better get going. I still have work to
do.”“You can’t go yet.” Julia stopped her by grabbing her hand.Elisa was stumped and felt
troubled.“Grandma, I really do have work to do,” she explained.Julia sighed pitifully, “I haven’t even
finished dinner. Do you have to leave now?”Elisa couldn’t say anything else. She sat down heavily.A
smile lit up on Julia’s face. “That’s right. You’ll always have work to do. You should stop working once
office hours are done. I’ll have your back if Gareth makes you work overtime!”Julia took Elisa’s silence
as consent. She turned and shouted to a maid, “Make a new plate for Elisa.”The muscles on Elisa’s
face tightened.“Grandma, I can’t eat anymore.”“Nonsense! You eat too little. You didn’t even have half
a plate. Eat with me.”The maid heeded Julia’s orders and brought a new plate heaped with food for
Elisa.Elisa stared at the food in front of her and felt a headache coming.At the same time, Julia was all
smiles. “Elisa, I know you went through a lot of pain and lost all feelings for him. All that pain turned into
disappointment, and you’ve given up. Since he’s ready to right the situation, maybe you should give
him another chance? Will Darcey is too much of a player; he is not good for you. Besides, you should
listen to your elders. The original lover is the sweetest.”Elisa’s eyes glinted. I knew Grandma had a
plan for us to get back together. But there is no way. We don’t have any feelings for each other
anymore. Even if we get back together, it would be a marriage of convenience that benefits both of us. I
don’t care about that, though. I don’t want to be involved with Gareth anymore. I will break all ties with
Gareth Wickam once I’m done with this project.Julia realized Elisa had been quiet for a while and had a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;far-off look in her eyes. “Elisa, is there… another guy?” She asked worriedly.Elisa smiled and avoided
the question. Instead, she said, “Grandma, I won’t remarry him.”In that instance, many emotions went
past Julia’s eyes. “Ah… you might say that now, but things change over time,” she said, exasperated.
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