Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 760

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth snickered mirthlessly and looked at Elisa. “You make a point. I will post the surprise I have for
you on Twitter and show the whole world. I don’t make empty promises. I will give you the surprise you
want.”Elisa was too stunned to speak. B*stard! Why can’t I ever get the upper hand?! Why must he
always have to be the winner? Julia was pleased to hear that. At least this brat has some etiquette to
broadcast it on the Internet. He finally knows what to do to get a woman! Once he posts it online and
show others that he is pursuing Elisa, they will give up on chasing her. Will Darcey seems like a nice
guy but is too popular with the ladies. My grandson will be a better husband for Elisa. At least he isn’t a
player. Linda Benett was a different matter. Gareth was cheated into getting engaged to that woman.
He only agreed because he thought Linda was his life savior. He only did it to repay her; he never had
any feelings toward her. Also! The problem between Elisa and Gareth only grew because there were
some misunderstandings between them. It’s good that Gareth knows his wrongs; now Elisa just needs
to accept that.Julia became more heated. She was worried about their future. Gareth nodded in
understanding. “No problem. I’ll go prepare it now,” he said as he put his cutleries down.Julia frowned
slightly. “Finish dinner first. It won’t take long.”Elisa’s face stiffened. She did not expect Julia to support
Gareth’s idea of posting the surprise online. “Grandma, we don’t have to go through all that trouble. I
didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t need a surprise. Gareth and I are just pretending, just like we did
before,” Elisa said hurriedly.I can’t stay with this man any longer! I need to put him in his place. But I
can no longer rely on Grandma… I need to try something else.Julia shook her head in satisfaction and
turned to Elisa with a smile. “Hey, we can’t do that. This brat must do what he says! Wait a minute. Let
me check if there’s anything on Twitter,” she said and left to retrieve her phone.What? Didn’t she tell
Gareth to finish dinner first? Why did she leave the table…?Gareth remained silent.“It’s out!” Julia said
excitedly. The video from today was on Twitter.However, Julia’s face gradually darkened as she
watched the video.She turned to look at him, displeased. “Do you spend that much effort to do so
little?”She was so close to calling him superficial.Elisa stayed quiet. She had wanted to scorn Gareth’s
behavior in front of his grandmother but was afraid she would make him do something even more&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;extravagant. However, she was feeling uneasy. She suddenly understood what it meant to shoot
oneself in the foot. She did not know what to say in this situation.Julia looked up at Gareth and shouted
angrily, “You must prepare a surprise! I will not forgive you for any mistakes! Did you do that to clear
her name or make her the topic among the people? Do you call this pursuing?”It was such a pretense!!
They didn’t say two sentences to each other before leaving!
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Chapter 760
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