Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 759

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth stiffened, and his cold eyes darted to Elisa.Elisa seemed unbothered as if she wasn’t planning
revenge. Julia looked toward Gareth and asked, “What’s the surprise?”“I can’t tell you,” Gareth said
with a tight smile. “Well, you’ve got to show Elisa soon. I’ll see it then.”Elisa looked at him snarkily.
Gareth probably has nothing prepared. I will make him give me this surprise if it is the last thing I do
today. I’ll only be happy if he’s not.Gareth quietly ate his meal.“He probably hasn’t got a surprise
prepared. It was just a show to let others know I’m his,” Elisa giggled.Julia frowned and looked at
Gareth unhappily. “You have to keep your promises. How did I bring you up? How are you more like a
child now?”Julia continued frostily when she saw Gareth’s tightly shut lips. “Where have your manners
gone? This is not something you should do! Our family did not bring you up to be this kind of
person!”Elisa reached over and held Julia’s hand. “Grandma, the situation is different. He was trying to
help me. It was just something he said to the crowd, you don’t have to take it too seriously. As for Mr.
Wickam, he is a man of his word. He has always kept his promises in other matters,” Elisa said with a
smile.Gareth turned his piercing gaze toward Elisa. He couldn’t say anything with Julia present.Julia
wouldn’t let the matter rest. “I don’t care what you do; you must surprise Elisa! If Elisa isn’t satisfied,
you better redo it!!” “I don’t think that’s necessary, Grandma,” Elisa said hesitantly.“It is!!” Julia
exclaimed resolutely.“Grandma…” Gareth’s face was darkening by the second.Julia slammed her fork
down on the table.“What? Do you think you’re so independent you can disregard the manners I taught
you?!”“That’s not it.” Gareth couldn’t retort back.Elisa stayed quiet with her lips tightly pressed together.
Grandma just needs to let her anger out. It’ll be fine once she’s done scolding him.“Since you single-
handedly prepared all those roses for Elisa, you can do the same today. Prepare something to surprise
Elisa. You’ll stop only when she is satisfied!”Elisa did not expect Julia’s next words to have such an
impact on Gareth. She burst out into laughter. She did not care that Julia was still around. She turned
to Gareth and said through tears of laughter, “Oh my gosh! With Grandma behind me, all I need to do is
be displeased with your efforts. What an easy revenge!”Julia, too, burst out in laughter, “That’s a good
idea! Just say you’re unhappy with whatever he has done! He needs to be punished!”Elisa could feel&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;the unhappiness rolling off Gareth, even without looking at him. She ignored it and nodded in
compliance.“Let’s do that! Alright, Mr. Wickam, please prepare my surprise! Grandma did say that you
should keep your word. It wouldn’t be good if the news of Wickam Group’s president breaking a
promise made in good faith spread out.”
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