Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 758

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Of course, it’s awkward. It’s going to be awkward if Ms. Elisa doesn’t accept Mr. Wickam’s advances,”
someone retorted immediately.The crowd bickered back and forth as they watched Gareth and Elisa
leave. Someone suddenly realized the trouble they were in.“Oh my gosh… Mr. Wickam and Ms. Elisa
left together, but how are we going to leave in this sea of roses?” This comment made the bickering
crowd stop and look around.Sh*t! How are we going to deal with these roses? How do we leave? What
will we do if we anger Mr. Wickam by stepping on the flowers?! But there’s no other route!At this
moment, they didn’t want to spend time discussing their boss’ relationship; all they wanted to do was
go home! They could gossip at home!…Meanwhile, Gareth dragged Elisa to the car. Once the door
closed, all pretense fell from Elisa’s face. She was beyond unhappy.“What are you trying to get at?!”“I
just wanted to give you roses. What do you mean?” Gareth looked at her cynically.Elisa’s face
darkened, and she said through gritted teeth, “You knew why I punished you yesterday. And yet, you’re
coming to bite me back by making such a big scene. Don’t you feel ashamed?”“I don’t care as long as
Grandma is happy,” Gareth scoffed.Elisa was speechless. She huffed and turned away from him.
Gareth started the car and drove away. They did not speak another word during the whole journey to
Wickam Manor. Elisa was greeted by Julia’s smiling face the moment she entered.“My dears, you’re
here! Dinner’s ready. Go wash up, and we can eat.”Elisa’s face softened when she saw Julia. She
couldn’t act unhappy in front of her. On the other hand, Gareth moved naturally. He felt quite pleased to
see Elisa so bothered.Elisa gnashed her teeth and stayed quiet. Gareth angered her so much, but she
had to find her standing. Otherwise, she would be suffocated! At the same time, she was worried about
what Gareth would do if she found her place again.Julia was clueless about what was going on in their
minds. She was happy about the events during these two days. She had stopped pressuring them to
get back together but still hoped they would remarry each other. She felt content as she saw the
change in Gareth’s attitude toward Elisa.“Elisa, I heard this brat finally gave you flowers. How was the
arrangement? Did you like it?”The anger boiling in Elisa overflowed as she thought about what Gareth
had done at the office. She wanted to cut him.She breathed in to compose herself and forced a smile.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“It wasn’t bad.”She did not make any other comments. She could see the sarcasm in Gareth’s eyes as
he looked at her with a smirk. Her anger shot through the roof again.She continued smiling, “Gareth’s
action probably shook the whole city, maybe even the whole country. Very soon, it will be trending on
Twitter. You can probably see it then. He even said there was another surprise waiting for me here in
front of everyone.”
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