Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 757

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&#lt;p&#gt;From how Gareth talked to Elisa and did many things for her, people thought he was warm and nice. It
made them think that he was a soft-spoken man. However, from his tone just then, they could feel the
piercing coldness and murderous intent. The aura he gave off was as strong as ever.“If you like, I’ll
make every day as romantic as today.” Gareth looked at her tenderly as though they were a married
couple. The crowd gasped!I’m so jealous!! Mr. Wickam is so tender!! So gentle!! Why can’t I get a man
that treats me like that?! AHH!!I’m so envious of Elisa!Elisa frowned. So many people were watching,
and some had started recording. There were even reporters among the crowd. She couldn’t let this go
on. She wanted to consider Julia’s feelings and Wickam Group’s finances, but she wasn’t a saint. She
wanted to be selfish for once.“You should find someone that appreciates your romance. It’s a waste to
spend time on your ex-wife,” Elisa said coolly.The crowd was aghast!How could she reject someone
like Mr. Wickam?! She’s a divorcée. The only marriage that will last is one between her and Mr.
Wickam! Who else would be able to stand it?It’s not right for Mr. Wickam to chase after her. He’ll
probably get tired of her sooner or later. She’s used goods, after all. Gareth’s smile turned frigid, but it
was fleeting. “Let’s go. Grandma’s waiting for us. There’s another surprise waiting for you,” he said,
ignoring her words. He quickly grabbed onto her arm before she could react.Elisa’s expression
darkened as she tried to break free. Gareth changed his holding from her arm to her waist to stop her
from escaping.B*stard!“Gareth Wickam!!!” She whispered as she didn’t want to ruin his reputation in
front of so many people. But it was an unmistakable warning.Gareth looked at her lovingly and said
seductively, “Should I carry you?”His voice might have sounded tender and loving to other people, but
Elisa knew it was a threat and full of warning.Elisa quickly walked a few steps away to put some
distance between them, but Gareth did not release his hold.The crowd watched as they walked away,
seemingly like a loving couple.“Is that it?” The employees looked at each other quizzically.“Why did it
feel like all talk and no action? They left so quickly.”One of the men straightened his glasses and said,
“Didn’t Mr. Wickam say? Old Madam Wickam’s waiting for them, and he had another surprise for Ms.
Elisa!”A woman beside him shook her head doubtfully. “Is that it? Why does something not feel&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;right?”“Even if that was the case, they shouldn’t have left so fast. She didn’t even take two glances at it.
There’s not even a good photo of them! And their interaction seemed a bit awkward.”
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