Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 755

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa noticed everyone in the elevator was staring at her peculiarly. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t
shake off the strange feeling.She looked at the people in the elevator and asked quietly, “Why are you
all looking at me?” She couldn’t help but wonder if something was on her face or body.When they
heard her question, some hurriedly diverted their attention somewhere else while others continued to
stare at her silently. One of them couldn’t contain their curiosity and asked, “Ms. Elisa, will you and Mr.
Wickam get back together?”Elisa’s irises shifted. So, it’s because of the thing on Twitter.“There’s no
chance,” she replied calmly and surely.There’s no way Gareth and I will get back together.Hearing that,
those that had averted their eyes subconsciously turned back to her.“Can it be that Mr. Wickam can’t
forget Ms. Elisa? Not only will he pick roses for you, but he can even create such a stir!”Elisa was
puzzled.Not only, but?? Why does that sound off? Has Gareth done something again?She looked at
the lady that said, “What do you mean?”“Did you not see the Whatsapp group chat? The topic is on
fire.”“Ms. Elisa isn’t in that group chat,” a woman in pink said.Elisa did not know what was going on, but
she did not ask any further questions. She would get her answers once she arrived downstairs.I’m sure
Gareth must have done something big since that woman asked about the possibility of us getting
better. But he hates me. What could he have done? Elisa was confused about the situation but couldn’t
help but feel contempt.Get back together? How can they?Elisa banished those thoughts from her
mind.When the elevator doors opened, the crowd stepped aside and looked at her. They created a
path for her to get out first.Elisa looked at them silently and nodded. Without saying another word, she
walked out.The scene in the lobby was different from one on a typical day. Usually, people would clock
off and leave the company in trickles. Even if there were big groups, they would disappear quickly.
Today, the lobby was full of people. To the point that people were pushing against each other.However,
it was quiet for such a big crowd. They whispered and did not let their voices carry. One would have to
listen very closely to hear what they were saying. When they saw Elisa exiting the elevator, the quiet
chatter immediately stopped. The lobby was shrouded in a peculiar silence.At the same time, the crowd
moved back to create a path for her. Many of them stared at her with envious and jealous eyes. Some&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;harbored hatred toward her.How can Elisa’s life be filled with such luck?How did she meet such a
caring man?Why does she have so many good men around her?The women were filled with jealousy,
envy, and hatred.On the other hand, the men did not see anything wrong with the situation. They had a
totally different thought process from women.Why can’t I be as powerful as Gareth Wickam?Why can’t I
be more influential? Maybe then, I will be able to bag Elisa Benett.
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