Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 754

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&#lt;p&#gt;She pursed her lips and stopped talking.Carle also knew that it was time to end the conversation. He
simpered, “Alright, I better not hold you up. I hope after this, you will stop avoiding me. I hope we can
still talk and meet every once in a while. I promise I will try my best to reign in my feelings.” Carle’s
request put Elisa on the spot. “Okay, but I may get tied up with work. We can meet up after my work
has eased off.”“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Carle was delighted, “You should get back to work now. We’ll
talk again soon.” “Okay.” Elisa hung up the phone without hesitation.After hanging up the phone, Elisa
slumped her shoulders powerlessly.Carle…What should I do with him after this?Elisa contemplated her
options before consulting Sheena and Rachel on WhatsApp.Elisa: ‘Carle called me just now. He knows
I never loved him, and I only agreed to start a relationship with him to keep him alive.’Sheena: ‘What
did he say?’Sheena’s response was prompt. Elisa knew Sheena was worried about Carle.Rachel:
‘Have you told him? How did he take it?’Elisa: ‘He took it well. He said Sheen was right. Love should be
self-sacrificial and not possessive.’Sheena: ‘It’s a good thing that he finally understands it.’Rachel:
‘Then what else did he say?’Elisa: ‘He asked to be friends like how we used to. He asked me not to
estrange him, and he will control his feelings and emotions, but… I don’t know if…’Elisa didn’t speak
any further. She was confused.Sheena understood her concerns; she was worried about the same
thing too. After a brief pause, she wrote again. Sheena: ‘Rach, Cale already knows my feelings for him.
He may feel awkward talking to me. Can you go and check on him when you’re free?’Rachel: ‘Okay, I’ll
see him tonight.’Sheena: ‘Go and have a talk with him. Remember not to trigger his anxiety. Sigh. I
don’t know if I have done the right thing telling him all these things…’Rachel: ‘Of course, you did the
right thing! It’s good for the three of you to talk things out and nib the problem in the bud! No, it should
be four of us! Although I’m a bystander, all of you are my friends. I do feel awkward as well. It is good to
clear the air!! I’ll go and see him tonight.’Rachel: ‘Forget it. I’d better take leave. I’ll go over now to see
how he is doing. All of you are my good friends. I don’t want to lose any of you. No one should be left
behind!! Alright, I have to stop here. I’m signing off now.’Elisa: ‘Go, Sheen. Don’t overthink. You’ve
made the right move.’Elisa wasn’t in a suitable position to open up with Carle because she was directly&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;involved in this love triangle. She didn’t want to trigger Carle. But if it came from Sheen, it would be
easier for Carle to take in the notion, and the impact would also be significantly alleviated.Sheena:
‘Well… Then I’ll go to work now. We’ll talk later.’Elisa: ‘Okay.’After Elisa finished speaking, she hung up
her phone. She tidied her cascading hair strands and sorted her thoughts and emotions before
returning to work.It wasn’t a productive day at work for Elisa.And it was almost time to go home.Elisa
saved some documents on the USB flash drive and left the office.But……The Murphy’s Law had
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