Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 752

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa’s eyes flickered with complex emotions. She knew that Carle had seen the tweet.Carle must be
feeling very disappointed right now. Yet……She didn’t know what to say to him. It would give him false
hope if she tried to explain or defend herself. But if she didn’t, she would feel bad for breaking his
heart.When Elisa was at a loss, Carle stifled the air and said, “Actually, I know you agreed to be my
girlfriend because you were afraid that I wouldn’t wake up from the coma.”Elisa was taken aback.
“Carle, you…”Carle sneered. He was choked with sorrow and self-pity.“Liz, I have kinda figured it out
myself. But I love you too much and refuse to accept the truth. I thought as long as I don’t point it out
and stop thinking about it, you’ll open up to me one day.”Elisa pursed her lips and couldn’t bring herself
to say anything to him. She reckoned this was just the tip of an iceberg; Carle had not fully poured
himself yet.She wanted to hear what was in his heart.Had he moved on or..Elisa didn’t dare to assume
the undesirable outcome.Carle took a deep breath and suppressed the burgeoning bitterness in his
heart. He regarded Elisa as his life and soul. Losing her was like killing him.He had considered the
thought before. He would have given up the will to live if it wasn’t for Elisa fervently motivating him to
wake up from a coma.God knew how lonely and hopeless he was at the time. He had lost the desire to
live. He wanted to call it quits.But… Liz.She was his everything. His heart and soul yearned to be with
her. Carle drew another deep breath and said softly, “But after what happened, I realized I’ve been
living in my own bubble. Liz, you have always regarded me as your best friend or, in your word, a
brother. I guess the two of us… that’s our fate.”Elisa’s brow furrowed as her lips turned grim. She
clenched her phone and didn’t know what else to say.After all, she had deceived him. She had kept him
in the dark and played with his feelings all this time.Elisa squeezed a word through her teeth, “Carle,
I…”“Liz, you don’t need to say anything. I know. I know everything.” Before Elisa could finish her
sentence, Carle intervened.Elisa sighed helplessly. Then, Carle spoke again.“I know you didn’t mean it;
you would never harm me intentionally. I was never angry with you, Liz. And I will never be angry with
you. You are the woman I love and treasure the most. But, hereafter, I will not force you to reciprocate
my love. You have my blessing to pursue your dream.”Elisa was speechless.Carle flashed a wry smile,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Actually, Sheen was right. Loving you doesn’t mean I have to own you. It’s selfish for me to insist you
stay in this relationship. I may have been selfish before, but I will always be your guardian angel after
this. I will not pressure you to do things that you don’t like. Can we go back to being best friends like we
used to?”“Carle…”Carle was scared that Elisa would say no, so he interrupted her again, “Promise me,
Liz. Don’t leave me, okay? Don’t alienate me. I won’t bug you like how I’ve been doing in the past. We
can go back to how we used to be.”
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