Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 753

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Carle, you don’t have to do this. You don’t need to be my guardian angel.” Elisa could finally finish
what she wanted to say, “You must go on and live your own life. Otherwise, you would lose your
purpose in life.”She meant to say it would be a waste of his time and life purpose to be her guardian
angel. But she worried that Carle might misinterpret her meaning.Yet, Carle still misinterpreted her
words. His breathing started to quicken, and his voice was croaky, “Liz, are you not willing to befriend
me? I will stop bugging you. We can go back to how we used to be.” Elisa was alarmed and frantically
explained, “No, that’s not what I meant. Don’t misunderstand. I mean, we can still be friends. You have
always been my friend and brother in my heart. I was trying to say that you don’t have to protect me
because it’s very tiring.”Carle breathed a sigh of relief. He relished Elisa’s willingness to go back to
being friends with him.But he would still protect her no matter what. Elisa was the most important
woman to him. He refused to let anything bad happen to her or to let anyone bully her. Even if it meant
sacrificing his own life to keep her whole, he would do it in a heartbeat.“I won’t trouble you anymore,
Liz. Don’t worry. I have thought about a lot of things recently. I realize I have put you in a difficult
position before this. Forgive me, Liz.”Forgive me, Liz.Carle had always wanted to say that to Elisa.He
admitted that he was selfish. He knew Elisa had never loved him, but he was unwilling to let her go.
Instead, he forced her to stay with him, and that was unfair to her.He was stubborn and refused to let
go. Looking back now, he realized he was too much. “Don’t say that, Carle.”Elisa understood love
clouded a person’s judgment. It was natural and inevitable for Carle to want to keep her within arm’s
reach.Just like her former feelings for Gareth, she liked him a lot. And she admitted that she constantly
wanted to keep him by her side.But in the end, she lost everything.She was no stranger to this
possessive feeling. Perhaps she should thank Gareth for his cruelty. She wouldn’t have moved on so
quickly if it weren’t for his cruelty.Gareth made her realize her ignorance. He taught her always to know
her place and never make unattainable wishes.It was a painful experience. She couldn’t bring herself to
hurt Carle as Gareth did to her. She couldn’t bear to see Carle hurting, so she resorted to avoiding and
ignoring him.Fortunately, Carle had woken up from a coma.Initially, she was still determining if she had&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;done the right thing. But anyway, the outcome had panned out the way it should be.Carle had agreed
to move on, stop pining for her and come to terms with reality. She was so grateful that he was willing
to return as friends.“Do you hate me, Liz? I was too selfish.”“Never.” Elisa soothed Carle, “I know how it
feels to love someone. But Carle, at the end of the day, it’s about fate between two people. The person
I love is not you, and the person Sheen loves doesn’t love her back.”Carle’s eyes glistened with
inexplicable emotion. He didn’t say anything.Elisa carried on and said, “Actually, Sheen is a good
woman.”Carle twitched his lips and said with a wry smile, “Rach also told me I am a good person.”Elisa
pouted in response. She knew that it was time for her to shut up.
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Chapter 753
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