Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 751

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa was never his to begin with. It was Carle who refused to accept the truth.Carle tried to forget
about Elisa ever since Sheena came and talked to him. He refrained from seeing Elisa and wondered if
she would take the initiative to meet him. Perhaps, Sheena had misinterpreted Elisa’s love signals.If
Elisa came to him, he could use this opportunity to prove Sheena wrong. But…Elisa hadn’t sought him
at all these times. On the contrary, their relationship had deteriorated for a specific reason.Carle was
heartbroken. He began to ponder if he should stop pining for Elisa.He was in a dilemma…But now,
after seeing the news, he knew it was time for him to let go.Let her go…Thinking about it, Carle steeled
himself and gave Elisa a call.On the other hand, Elisa was about to get back to work after a break.She
picked up the phone as it rang and saw Carle’s name on the screen.She wasn’t surprised to receive his
call. She knew he had wanted to talk to her.Although reluctant, she still answered the call.“Hey,
Carle.”“What are you doing?” Carle’s asked gently.Hearing Carle’s voice, she realized that they hadn’t
talked for a long time.Elisa felt guilty for shunning him, but at the same time, she felt relieved and
peaceful when she was spared of his presence. Whenever Carle came to her, she would feel stressed
for no apparent reason. But she didn’t tell him that, lest she hurt his feelings.Elisa responded promptly,
“I’m at work. What about you?”Carle could return to his office and work as usual since his injury in the
head had healed.Carle beamed a smile and said, “Well, I’ve just finished a meeting.” He lied. There
were no meetings today. In fact, he had been cooping in his office all day. He lied to suggest that he
had not followed the sensational news on Twitter.Meanwhile, Elisa wondered if Carle knew about the
tweet.But……She didn’t intend to explain herself.As for Carle, who was at his last straw of faith, he was
still wistfully hoping for a miracle.He hoped Elisa cared about him enough to confide in him about the
rose incident. He would rather believe that she had not been in contact with him because of her busy
work schedule and not because she was avoiding him.He clutched the phone anticipating Elisa’s
response with his heart in his mouth.Elisa said noncommittedly, “I see.”She didn’t know what else to
say anymore.But Carle was waiting for her explanation anxiously, only for her to shrug off his
anticipation.In that instant, Carle felt a stab through his heart.Indeed.He didn’t matter to Elisa. She only&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;agreed to be in a relationship with him initially because she was afraid that he wouldn’t pull through the
coma.She chose to stick around in this relationship because she didn’t want to break his heart and
trigger his injury.Carle let out a bitter smile. He was too naïve and overconfident.He thought his effort
had paid off, and Elisa had finally agreed to be his girlfriend.But in the end, his devotion turned out to
be a waste. He was nothing but a joke.Everyone knew what was going on, except for him, who foolishly
believed that he had finally changed Elisa’s heart and that she had fallen in love with him.At that
moment, he felt his soul vacate from his flesh. But on the outside, he put up a collected front and said,
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Chapter 751
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