Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 750

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa was preoccupied with work. She hadn’t an idea what was awaiting her after work.As for Old Mr.
Wickam. When he heard that his wife was the source of a trending topic on Twitter, having little to no
knowledge about social media, he decided to go on Twitter for the first time and see for
himself.Subsequently, Darren got flustered after reading Julia’s tweet. The roses were the hard work
that he specially prepared for Julia!!!In the end, Gareth appropriated his efforts and gifted them to
someone else!!!The roses were his blood and sweat! He was going to surprise his wife with roses!But
that brat, Gareth!! Fu*ker!! Son of a b*tch!!!How……A rude awakening struck Darren. Did Gareth give
his roses to Elisa!?What the heck?!Darren seethed and directly called Gareth.Before the latter could
speak, he bellowed, “What has gotten into you?! Why did you give my roses away to Elisa?!”Gareth,
meanwhile, did not appear fazed in the slightest. He didn’t deny it but said indifferently, “What’s the
problem?”“What’s the problem!?” Gareth’s condescending attitude set Darren ballistic.Gareth didn’t
make a sound.Darren rebuked, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?! You and Elisa have divorced!! Yet
you still bothered to pick roses for her?! You’re digging your own grave!”Gareth explained collectedly,
“Will Darcey and Carle Samoa are chasing Elisa. Do you know why?”“Carle Samoa and Elisa grew up
together. It’s normal that they have feelings for each other. Will Darcey is a playboy and also your
biggest business rival. He probably wants to use Elisa to piss you off! Do you think she’s a trophy? Is
that the reason you want her back?” “Will Darcey is not a playboy.” Gareth pointed out calmly.Darren
barked, “What has it got to do with you then?”Gareth didn’t bother to talk to Darren anymore and
shunned, “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”Gareth’s perfunctory attitude pissed Darren off
even further. “I planted the roses for your grandma!!!”Gareth didn’t say anything.He could tell that his
grandfather felt awkward telling him that. Scolding Gareth for giving his roses to Elisa was just an
excuse for him to make this call.Gareth was taken aback. He knew his grandfather was old-fashioned
and stubborn. Although he loved grandma, his ego forbade him to show his affection directly to
grandma. It never occurred to Gareth that his grandfather would plant flowers for grandma.In the end,
Gareth ruined his effort and plan! Of course, Darren deserved to be upset!After a pause, Gareth&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;responded, “I didn’t know that.”He didn’t bother to explain himself any further and stopped at
that.Darren bit his teeth and roared, “You better watch out, F*cker!! I’m not done with this yet!!”Then,
Darren ended the call.Meanwhile, he sat on the sofa, flustered.But when he thought of what Gareth
had said just now, he couldn’t help but frown a little.What is so special about Elisa?!…The entire world
learned about the scandalous incident on Twitter.And Carle… saw the tweet too.He was
heartbroken.Elisa and Gareth were still in contact.On the night of his car accident, Carle remembered
that Elisa told him she liked Will.But now…why did she get tangled with Gareth again?
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Chapter 750
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