Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 749

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa fobbed Rachel off.After all, it was her payback. But she didn’t want to tell Rachel why she exacted
revenge on Gareth as it was embarrassing. Despite her wishes, she still did not enjoy being teased for
a misunderstanding. Rachel didn’t second guess Elisa. Yet, she uttered in bewilderment, “Then… why
did he do that? There were three of you in the video. Although it has no sound, he looked busy picking
the roses.”“Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just because Grandma wants us to reconcile.” At that
moment, Elisa could only tell Rachel it was grandma’s wish. Actually…Grandma intended to repair her
bad reputation, but little did she know that it was Elisa’s doing that she reaped a bad reputation.Elisa
couldn’t explain to Rachel extensively.Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, “But something seems off
here?”Elisa kept quiet.Rachel said again, “Why did Gareth agree to pick roses for you?”Elisa faked a
chuckle, “How do you know he picked those roses for me and not someone else? Grandma’s narrative
is misleading. Those roses belong to Grandpa and Grandma. They especially asked people to plant the
roses in Wickam Manor.”“Sounds legit…” Rachel sensed that Elisa’s explanation was dubious, but she
also thought Elisa was right.Elisa reminded Rachel, “Stop subscribing to scandals and rumors like this.
They are baseless and a sheer fabrication of the truth.”Rachel hummed and said nothing else.Satisfied
with Rachel’s discontinued inquiries, Elisa smiled and said, “I still have work to do. Come to my house
tonight, and I’ll make something for you to eat.”“Wow! Seriously?!”“You bet.” Rachel was thrilled!Rachel
loved Elisa’s cooking. She would never get sick of eating Elisa’s cooking!She responded, “Okay! Then
you quickly get back to work. Don’t work overtime, okay?! I’ll get the ingredients and pick you up at
night!!”Elisa curved her lips skyward, “Okay, I shall get back to work. Stop skipping work and get to the
bottom of those cases.”“Alright. Alright. I know! Go get busy, my chef!”“Mhm.”Elisa smiled and hung up
the phone.But she couldn’t help but glance at Julia’s tweet again.Julia noted in her tweet, ‘My precious
Liz loves the nine hundred and ninety-nine hand-picked roses from a special someone! As their
grandmother, I’m so glad and envious of their love.’She didn’t mention anything wrong about anyone
but told the whole world that Gareth had personally picked roses for her. She also insinuated that the
two of them might get back together.Elisa sighed while helplessly pressing her temples.The truth was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa wanted to teach Gareth a lesson for neglecting her feelings. She wanted to remind that man to
walk in her shoes and think about her feelings before he attempted anything.But, oh well…Grandma
deliberately posted the incident on the internet. She couldn’t block Grandma’s Twitter because it would
make the situation worse and also because she didn’t want to hurt Grandma’s heart.Elisa felt annoyed
and a tad regretful. She shouldn’t have sought Grandma’s help to punish Gareth.Elisa rested her arms
on the table with a hand holding a pen.After she had calmed down, she continued with her
work.But……Like Murphy’s Law, worrying about things that might never happen increases the chances
of happening.And one trouble followed another.
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