Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 747

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&#lt;p&#gt;“What happened!? I planted the roses with my own hands! That brat ruined all my efforts!”Darren was
so enraged that he was about to go on a ranting spree. But Julia interrupted and asked in surprise,
“You planted the roses yourself?”How did she miss out on this information? Darren gritted his teeth and
said, “Of course, I planted it myself. Why would I lie to you about it? What’s the point?!”Julia gaped in
astonishment.“When did you plant it? How come I did not know?”Darren pulled a long face and wasn’t
in the mood to explain to Julia. He poured out furiously, “Why did that brat pick my flowers!”He planted
the roses with meticulous care and affection.He intended to shape the rose shrubs in a heart shape
with a specific number of roses for Valentine’s Day. It would be a shocking surprise, but Gareth
fortuitously ruined his plan. How could he not be angry?Julia ignored his ranting and probed, “When did
you plant these roses? Why didn’t I know about that?”“Of course you didn’t know.”Darren deliberately
hid it from Julia from the get-go and did not tell anyone about it. He even ensured nobody saw him
plant the roses.But now?!Now!Now!!!His effort had gone down the drain!“What’s wrong with Gareth?
Why did he pick my roses?!”Julia was touched and pleasantly surprised at his romantic attempt. She
couldn’t help but stare at him.“Old man, did you mean to surprise me? But even if you told me about it,
it would still be a surprise!” “How can it be the same?!” Darren blushed and disputed.Despite being
furious, Darren was reluctant to admit his intention.Julia beamed and walked up to Darren. She held his
arm and comforted him, “Gareth is not an outsider. He’s our grandson. He picked your roses for a
reason. Let’s go in and talk about it. Look at you; why are you so upset? Forget about all the romantic
stunts. We’ve been a married couple for decades.”To Julia, seeing the young ones well and happy was
all she wanted. But Julia didn’t say anything because she knew Darren wasn’t fond of Elisa.“Then why
did he pick the roses?” Darren was still confused.Julia pulled a straight face. The media would publicize
it, and eventually, Darren would come to know about it anyway. Since he had been relentlessly asking
for a reason, why not just tell him straight away?Julia divulged softly, “Because our grandson is in love
with someone.”Darren got excited and asked with anticipation, “Who is it? Is it the daughter of the
Tabor family?”His eyes were glistening with hope. It was apparent that he would rest his case if it were&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;for Nicole, for which Gareth picked his roses.But Julia cringed at the name, and all her tactile affections
vanished in a blink of an eye.“Why do you only care about that girl from the Tabor family?” Julia was
unhappy.Darren could sense that something was wrong. His heart sank to the bottom. “If it’s not for that
girl from the Tabor family, then who is it for!”Julia also lost her temper, “Why do you care?!”
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