Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 745

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&#lt;p&#gt;Worried that Elisa would change her mind, Julia quickly pulled her to Gareth’s car. She opened the
door of the front passenger seat and coaxed, “Hurry in, girl.”Elisa obligated with a nod and got into the
car. She looked at Julia, “Quickly go back, Grandma.” Julia responded with a smile and nodded as she
said, “I’ll go in after you leave. Quickly fasten your seat belt.”Elisa put on the seat belt before Julia
closed the car door with a hearty smile. Somehow, Julia had a gut feeling that Gareth and Elisa would
make peace and get back together.Although Gareth had always been an obedient grandchild and did
as he said, today, he had meticulously hand-picked an enormous bouquet of nine hundred and ninety-
nine roses.It was unlikely for him to obligate even if she forced him. However, today he undertook the
task rather delightfully.Gareth and Elisa had not the faintest idea what Julia was thinking. They hit the
road as soon as Julia shut the front passenger seat for Elisa.Julia watched the receding car and
beamed with satisfaction before entering the house.She saw Alphonse in the living room and frantically
hailed him.“Alphonse, get someone to keep tabs on Garry and Liz in the company. Remember to keep
it low and don’t get busted.”Mr. Jones acknowledged and immediately went off to manage the said
task.Meanwhile, neither of them spoke. Gareth and Elisa were still in the car. The ambiance in the car
was pensive and gloomy.A hint of hostility was slowly brewing in the air.Elisa kept her guard up. Her
faith in this man had expired.The car cruised along the road.Gareth remained silent as if trying to
ignore Elisa. Other people might have felt suffocated in a situation like this but not them. They felt at
ease to be in gloomy silence. If there were other people in their presence, they would surely feel on
edge within the cramped space Elisa and Gareth both occupied.About half an hour later, they arrived at
Elisa’s house.Gareth remained deadpan, and Elisa wasn’t in the mood to talk to him either. She
unfastened her seat belt and got out of his car.Gareth drove away as soon as Elisa closed the car
door.Before Elisa could gaze at the man, he had already driven away and disappeared from her
view.She withdrew her gaze and went into her house. That night, she had a serene sleep over the
opportune moment to exact revenge on Gareth.On the following day at Wickam Manor.A commotion
startled everyone in the courtyard.“Where are my roses!!!” Darren stood within a sea of roses and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;yelled in distressed discovery.Of course, the sea of roses had turned into a void overnight.There were,
however, still some more roses left in the shrubs.The mischance ruined Darren’s plan.Darren was
exasperated beyond words.All the servants shuddered at Old Mr. Wickam’s wrath. One of the servants
dreadfully walked up to him and told him about last night’s incident.“Mr. Gareth picked the
roses.”Darren burrowed, “Why did he need so many roses? Why couldn’t he buy them from the florist?
How dare he pick my precious roses!”The roses were his sweat and blood!Fury surged through
Darren.Looking at the furious Darren, the servants were terrified, but they shouldn’t be blamed. They
were innocent.None of the servants dared to respond to Darren.
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