Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 744

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa’s eyes flashed slightly, and she nodded at once. “Alright. Let’s have dinner.”She had wanted to
have dinner first, but Grandma disagreed. Elisa regretted it slightly. She was afraid that Grandma
wouldn’t be in the mood to eat if she left, so she helped Old Madam Wickam to the dining room.But…
as she raised her eyes, she saw Gareth sitting at the dining table calmly amidst the chaos. Elisa was
stunned.Shouldn’t he have left in a huff?Is he going to eat dinner?He seems to be famished.Pfft.This
man isn’t that strong, after all.She washed her hands and walked to the dining table before she smiled
at the man. In a seemingly concerned tone, she said, “You must be exhausted, Mr. Wickam. I thought
you were in great shape, but that’s not the case…?”The man didn’t do well with taunts, and here Elisa
was, mocking him deliberately!Gareth’s face fell in an instant. He enunciated her name calmly. “Elisa
Benett.”It seemed to be nothing, but it had a bone-chilling quality. It was as if there was a breeze
indoors.A trace of a smile flickered across the corner of Elisa’s mouth. “It’s fine. You can eat if you’re
hungry. We eat to live. This is a normal occurrence.”Gareth’s sharp eyes instantly glanced at Elisa. His
gaze was as cutting as a knife. Anyone else wouldn’t have been able to hold their own because his
face was unbelievably dark.Julia was slightly stunned. She never thought that Elisa would say such
things.Hmm?It was as though something fishy was going on between the two of them.Liz will never
pick on him in the past. What did this brat do to torment Liz?This wouldn’t do. Julia had to get people to
make some inquiries. These two kids would never tell her. The smile in the corner of Elisa’s lips
deepened upon seeing Gareth silent. “Thanks to you today, my reputation is restored at the company.
But I have Grandma to thank as well. Without her, I’m sure you would be unwilling to do this. It’s my
fault for forcing you to pick roses. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Remember
that, Mr. Wickam.”Gareth suddenly sneered. He turned to look at her. “Do unto others as you would
have done unto yourself?”His deep voice was filled with frost.Elisa felt a chill on her spine, but in the
next second, she smiled and nodded. “Yes.”For the rest of her life, she would never forget how this
man had forced himself onto her!But since it was Gareth, and he was Old Madam Wickam’s grandson,
she wouldn’t argue with him too much.Edgar sneered, and he didn’t say a word. Contempt was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;intertwined between his slightly curved thin lips. It made others inexplicably feel that something was
wrong.But Elisa couldn’t be bothered. She sat down and took food for Julia.“Eat up, Grandma. I’m sorry
for holding up your dinner.”“It’s fine. I’m not that hungry. Come, let’s eat.”Gareth’s face was dark, and
he didn’t say anything. He watched Julia and Elisa, who sat across from him but stayed silent and ate
alone.The two of them laughed and chatted, treating Gareth like air.Elisa wasn’t planning on staying
long after dinner. After all, it was getting late.She smiled at Julia and said, “I’ll be leaving,
Grandma.”Gareth stood up without saying a word.Julia nodded immediately. “Alright. It’s late. Both of
you should leave. Gareth, send Liz home.”Gareth didn’t say anything as he walked out.Elisa didn’t
drive. Grandma would disapprove if she hailed a cab. She would personally watch Elisa get into
Gareth’s car.In the end, Elisa didn’t say anything. When she walked out, Gareth was already in the
driver’s seat. It was clear that he was waiting for her.
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