Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 741

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth was silent. He didn’t want to say a word. Not a single word.But with Grandma’s attitude, if he
didn’t say anything, Grandma might turn ill any time. Elisa acted like she was about to say something,
but Julia stopped her.“Don’t say anything, girl. I want to hear him tell me whether he’s going to do it!”
Julia said the last few words as her gaze fell on Gareth’s face.Gareth pulled at his necktie impatiently.
Elisa’s eyes flashed unconsciously when she saw it because she suddenly thought of how he had torn
off his necktie in his office.At this time, Elisa suddenly turned away as if she didn’t dare to look at him
any longer.After that, she heard Gareth’s restless and frustrated voice. “I’ll do it.”Elisa instantly looked
at Gareth. Although her eyes were calm, her mocking yet triumphant expression could be seen.
Gareth’s face turned dark and cloudy.Julia was immediately satisfied and pulled Elisa up. She grabbed
his hand as she walked out and passed Gareth’s side. “Don’t delay. Go right now! Liz, go and record it
in person!”Gareth was forced to stand up. Even though he could easily break free from Julia’s grasp,
he was afraid he would accidentally hurt her.In the blink of an eye, he saw Elisa looking at him with a
victorious smile in the corners of her mouth.Gareth gritted his teeth. Amazing. This woman is
excellent!Elisa naturally knew that the scum-like man was about to go mad from rage, but he had done
such a thing to her earlier in the day. This man deserved to be punished! These were the
consequences of his actions! Just as Julia was pulling them along, they were brought to the sea of
flowers in the backyard.There was a vast number of roses, and they were incredibly fresh. No one
could look away. The servants here had painstakingly taken care of each flower. It looked even more
perfect than from a flower shop.Elisa stood on the spot and didn’t move. She didn’t take out her cell
phone, so Julia immediately spoke to her in bewilderment.“Girl, you have to record it. Otherwise, how
can you restore your reputation? You have to send this to everyone in the company so they can see
it.”Julia reminded Elisa again and again, but Julia had her own schemes. If Elisa and Gareth continued
being affectionate, maybe there would be a show to witness. It would be beautiful if their broken mirror
was joined together.She was now impatient for Gareth to pick the flowers.Elisa played along and
nodded as she took her cell phone out of her bag.“Alright. I’ll start recording now.”She had just wanted&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to punish Gareth, but it would be peculiar if she didn’t record it. Grandma would be
suspicious.Meanwhile, Gareth stood on the spot, unmoving. This made Julia walk to him and punch
him in the chest.“You brat. Why don’t you hurry up and start picking the roses? Do I have to pick the
roses on your behalf?”Gareth was thunderstruck.Elisa couldn’t restrain her smile but obediently turned
on her cell phone and adjusted the camera to video mode. As soon as her delicate fingers touched the
screen, the recording time started running.The smile in the corner of Elisa’s eyes deepened. Scum of
the earth! He deserves it!She wanted to personally witness the man pick all nine hundred and ninety-
nine roses so he would understand the consequences of offending her!
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