Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 739

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa pursed her lips and continued, “Some people said that Gareth couldn’t let me go, which was why
he gave me supreme authority. Some also said that Gareth despises me and only treats me like this for
your sake. There has been heated discussion from both sides because of this.”“So? What are they
betting on?” Julia seemed to laugh in her rage. Elisa’s gaze trembled slightly. “Money and various
difficult deals.”“They’re saying that I…” Traces of hurt and bewilderment flickered across Elisa’s eyes.
“Sometimes I wonder if I’m a failure or if my past with Gareth was a mistake. Would they have talked
less about me? Sometimes, they even talk about me openly. I…” A lost expression clearly streaked
across Elisa’s eyes.At that moment, Gareth received a reply from Thomas.— Thomas: ‘I don’t know
about this. I’ll get someone to check right away.’Gareth put his cell phone down and didn’t say
anything.Elisa pursed her lips and continued, “They’re saying I’m an incompetent and unreasonable
empty vase. They’re also saying that Wickam Group would be destroyed in my hands sooner or later
and that I’m the evildoer in Wickam Group. Someone testified for me, but the rest sneered and said
that if I were competent, I would do such and such. They also said that if Gareth wasn’t doing it for your
sake, Grandma, they would do so and so.”“These people!”Elisa laughed bitterly. “Yes. I never thought
that these people would be so bored. They even say that Gareth doesn’t care about me at all. If he did,
he would personally pick roses for me.”Pick roses? Gareth’s deep gaze suddenly fell on her. What on
earth is Elisa doing?Julia was slightly astounded. “Pick roses?”Elisa sighed in exasperation. “Yes. I was
impulsive, and I actually had a delusion that I could hold my head high if Gareth picked roses for me.
Some people even said there are many roses in Wickam Manor’s backyard. If Gareth had a heart for
me, he would pick nine hundred and ninety-nine roses for my sake.”Gareth’s thin lips suddenly curved
slightly into a sarcastic smile.He knew that such a thing had not happened.Elisa is doing it on
purpose!She wasn’t going to tell on him, and she wouldn’t tell Grandma what had happened between
them.Elisa had deliberately mentioned to him that she was coming to see Grandma. She knew he
would be afraid of her talking nonsense, so he would tag along. He did exactly what she wanted.呵。
Heh.Nine hundred and ninety-nine roses.Elisa is imaginative.“Nine hundred and ninety-nine roses?”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Julia was confused, and her voice unconsciously rose a few octaves. From the looks of it, she seemed
to be put in a slightly tricky position.Elisa shook her head in frustration. “This is why I didn’t really want
to say anything. I’ve unwittingly brought up negative feelings and projected my anger on him. Grandma,
take this as a joke and forget it.”“A joke?” Julia immediately smiled as if very expectant. “How can I take
this as a joke? We have nine hundred and ninety-nine roses in our backyard! He can pick the roses
now! Liz, take a video of him and show everyone tomorrow!”Elisa instantly felt slightly embarrassed.
Seeing Gareth’s unbelievably dark face, she said slightly awkwardly, “Huh…? That won’t do,
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Chapter 739
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