Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 737

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa walked forward with a smile as if nothing had happened in the day. She looked like she was in a
good mood.Julia smiled and looked at Elisa, but when she realized that Gareth was behind Elisa, her
brows furrowed, and the smile in the corner of her mouth lightened. The next moment, she couldn’t
help but ask him, “Why are you here?”Upon closer inspection, one could hear the displeasure and
resentment in her voice. Gareth was taken aback.The smile in the corner of Elisa’s lips deepened.She
glanced at Gareth before looking at Julia and speaking softly.“I think his presence is a little
unnecessary. Grandma, why don’t you get rid of him?”Julia was a little astonished. Elisa had never said
such a thing to her before.Did the brat infuriate her obedient granddaughter?!Julia’s expression turned
nasty in an instant.“You brat. Did you do something to Liz again?”Gareth was dumbstruck.Elisa’s lips
curved slightly. She didn’t look at Gareth but held Julia’s hand and said softly, “Nothing happened,
Grandma.”“Nothing?” Julia’s brows furrowed tightly. Liz had never spoken like that before. Something
was clearly up!Gareth narrowed his eyes, and his gaze fell on Elisa. “Tell us. How could I bully you
today?”‘How could I bully you?’Not ‘how did I bully you?’Julia’s gaze changed slightly. A complicated
expression was intertwined within. There was a different meaning.When Julia thought about it, she
looked at Elisa, whose face had turned slightly red. Julia was baffled, while Elisa was
dumbfounded.Elisa looked at Gareth coldly as if warning him.He wasn’t in a hurry to talk about it
either.But Julia grew curious and she looked at Elisa suspiciously. “Liz, what did he do to you?”Elisa
was stumped.Gareth’s lips twitched, and although there was ridicule in his eyes, Thomas would realize
that his boss was in a great mood if he was around.Elisa took a breath in and held Julia’s hand before
saying in exasperation, “It’s not that. I’m slightly annoyed that people in the company are talking about
us because of our past, so I feel slightly repulsed when I see him.”Gareth’s brows wrinkled slightly, and
he walked to sit across from them. He didn’t say anything, and even though his face was dark, the air
around him wasn’t as cold.Julia frowned at once. “Are there people talking nonsense again?”“Mm.
There are.” Elisa nodded without hesitation.Gareth’s brows furrowed. He had heard about gossip in the
company, but Elisa might have heard worse.Has she suffered a lot?When he thought about it, he&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;suddenly saw Elisa raise her eyes and look at him with a half-smile. His eyes flickered ever so
slightly.Julia said slightly unhappily, “What did they say?”“They said…” Elisa sighed and shook her
head in frustration. “It’s fine. I better not say, as it would only ruin the mood. I can just ignore what
others say. I shouldn’t get angry or take my anger out on Gareth.”Gareth frowned slightly. Why did he
feel that something was up?
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