Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 735

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&#lt;p&#gt;She suddenly stopped, and there was a complicated expression on her face. She started talking but
stopped, looking a little afraid. All her emotions were shown on her face, and she was conflicted.The
other secretaries were evidently curious about her expression. “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you
saying anything?”There was still a stack of files in her hands. She raised her right hand and tucked her
hair behind her ears before saying slightly awkwardly, “I think I just… saw something that I shouldn’t
have…” Her actions had already piqued everyone’s curiosity, but what she said made them more
inquisitive. Someone couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”The male secretary in the office laughed.
“Something you shouldn’t have seen is our topic of idle conversation.”“Tell us, quick. What on earth
happened? We all work together and have such great relationships with each other. Who would rat you
out?” Another younger female secretary couldn’t help but persuade her.After all, the person who had to
keep the secret had it the hardest.While those who wanted to listen to gossip had no burdens.When all
was said and done, they didn’t spread it.Everyone else started convincing her.The female secretary
really wanted to talk about it. As everyone persuaded her, she couldn’t help but spill the beans.“I just…
passed by Mr. Wickam’s door and saw Ms. Benett with a pale face. Her clothes were slightly wrinkled
as well. The door had been open, and I saw that Mr. Wickam’s necktie had been torn off. His face was
dark, and his gaze was terrifying…”Everyone couldn’t help but visualize the scene as soon as she said
it. The astonishment in their eyes grew. “D*mn… Don’t tell me that Ms. Benett still has feelings for Mr.
Wickam. It couldn’t be that she’s getting close to Mr. Wickam so she can force herself onto…”The lips
of a male secretary at the side twitched. “You’re overthinking it. It’s evident that Elisa doesn’t want to
get too close to Mr. Wickam now.”“I used to think so too, but how do you explain what
happened?”“What if Mr. Wickam forced Ms. Benett?”A female secretary shook her head at once. “It’s
impossible! How could Mr. Wickam take the initiative? He’s so cold and dignified…”Before she could
finish, someone interrupted her in exasperation. “Stop!”She was dumbstruck.What she was saying was
obviously the truth!“We know you worship Mr. Wickam, but we must judge the matter objectively. In that
situation, I feel like Mr. Wickam took the initiative. Can’t you guess after what happened downstairs&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;today?”“No. I think there’s no way that Mr. Wickam could do such a thing. He defended Ms. Benett
because of Old Madam Wickam. Ms. Benett must not have given up! She must have wanted to force
herself onto him. Wasn’t his necktie torn off? Mr. Wickam must have been furious and chased her
away.”The female secretary described vividly, and she was slightly agitated. She wasn’t going to let
others speak badly about Gareth.Some agreed with her, but others couldn’t help but retort.“This came
from someone in our office. Don’t let this get out at all. Mr. Wickam dislikes blabbermouths. Otherwise,
be careful of the consequences.”No one said anything because they knew it was the best thing to
do.But… After that, everyone couldn’t help but talk about it again.One of the involved parties had
already returned to her office.Seeing that her clothes were slightly wrinkled, she changed into another
outfit she had ready.
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