Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 732

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa’s brows furrowed tightly. She looked at the person before her coldly. Gareth is so peculiar. What
does he mean by giving me the opportunity for a way out?And what happened between us that this
man needs to give me a way out? Seeing Gareth’s sharp gaze directed coldly at her, Elisa’s patience
was wavering. She finally asked in a low voice, “What on earth do you want?”At that point, Elisa was
lying on the couch while Gareth was holding her down. She didn’t have the strength to struggle at all.
The iciness in Gareth’s eyes grew. Seeing Elisa clueless, the fury in her heart bubbled for no reason
and slowly rose. Even Gareth was surprised by it. Since when did a woman stir such emotions within
him?This was not a good occurrence.But he couldn’t help but say coldly, “What do you think? Right
now, the entire company is talking about us. Elisa, how many times have I asked you? Do you have a
heart?”Elisa answered, “… What on earth are you trying to say?”At that moment, Elisa was perplexed.
The impatience in her eyes intensified, and this infuriated the man.She watched him raise his hand,
and just when she thought he was going to slap her, she heard…‘Bang!’Gareth punched the back of
the chair that was next to Elisa violently.The sound was exceptionally piercing because it was right next
to her.Elisa’s expression changed slightly. Seeing that the man was out of patience, she cried furiously,
“Why are you acting like a madman?”At that moment, Elisa’s emotions seemed to have stirred.In the
past, when she looked at Gareth, her expression was always exceptionally calm, as if he was a
stranger. This annoyed him greatly. When she shouted at him, it made his expression soften ever so
slightly.“I’ve told you more than once. Let’s remarry.”Elisa’s brows furrowed tightly at once. Is he ill?
Does he not understand English?“It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve told me. I don’t want to
remarry you. Haven’t I told you multiple times?”The two of them were now still in the same position. It
was such an affectionate posture, and they were so close. Gareth only had to bend down slightly
before he could kiss Elisa’s cherry-like lips, but they were saying such cold, heartless, and distant
words.Elisa meant that nothing would ever happen between them for the rest of their lives.“Pfft.”
Gareth’s laughter made Elisa’s brows furrow. She had her guard up unconsciously as she looked at the
man before her.Upon looking at the man slowly lowering his head and seeing his handsome face&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;enlarge before her eyes, Elisa’s expression changed instantly. “What are you doing?”Gareth’s cold
eyes stared at her, and the sharp lines on his attractive face were frightening. The next moment, she
saw his thin lips part slightly and heard his cold voice in her ears. “With such a posture and distance
between us, what do you think we can do? Must I do something before you know what to do?”Elisa’s
pupils expanded at once. Without thinking, she lifted her hands and pushed against his chest. As she
felt the man’s firm muscles, she was bashful and furious. But more than that, she was restless.The next
moment, she cried fiercely at the man, “What you’re doing is illegal!”Gareth sneered at once. “Illegal?
You can sue me.”After that, he didn’t give her a chance to react and took control of her soft and
sensual cherry-like lips.
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Chapter 732
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