Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 731

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa was dumbfounded.She was at a loss for words at how Gareth was acting. Seeing that he didn’t
have anything important to tell her, she said in a low voice, “You can think about the specifics yourself.
I’m returning to my office to work. I’ll stop any time with just a word from you.”After she said that, she
ignored him and turned to leave. But with his sharp eyes and agile hands, he grabbed her arm, not
letting her go.Elisa wrinkled her brows slightly, and she turned to look at him. “What are you trying to
do?”Gareth gritted his teeth. “Are you depending on the fact that I won’t terminate the project because I
have my eye on this project’s profit?”Elisa laughed sarcastically at once. “Wickam Group is a big
company and corporation. Why would you need such a small amount of money?”“That’s great.
Amazing.” Gareth gripped Elisa’s arm tightly. He didn’t give her a chance to think about anything and
pushed her onto the couch!Elisa sat in a daze and looked at the man leaning closer to her in confusion.
“Who is messing around? Is it you or me?”Gareth suddenly held her down, and Elisa wasn’t as fast as
he was. She raised her legs and attacked the man’s crucial region!But the man seemed to have to
guess what she was about to do. Just as he avoided her quickly, he held down her legs without causing
her any pain.Elisa’s expression turned terrible in an instant. “What are you trying to do?”Is Gareth
mad? Why is he doing such baffling things?He suddenly sneered. “We’ve just been divorced for a
while. Have you forgotten how much you used to love me?”Elisa’s heart seemed to have been pierced
in a flash. The pain expanded gradually. It had taken her so much effort to stop wasting her days away
by missing the man.She wouldn’t shed any more tears for him. She had let it go! And she didn’t want to
think about the past!At the next moment, Elisa looked at the man and sneered. “If you’re ill, Mr.
Wickam, you should see a doctor.”Gareth looked at her coldly. “That’s right. I must be ill. I must be
going mad to be so tolerant of you!”Elisa was stupefied.“Am I hallucinating? Why am I hearing you say
such words that are beyond comprehension?”He had never bothered to say anything to her. Even if he
did, it would hit her sore spot.Is she daydreaming today?Gareth’s gaze was incredibly sharp. Elisa
struggled restlessly, but she couldn’t push him away at all. Her hands grazed his firm chest.In that
instant, both their bodies couldn’t help but shiver gently.Gareth’s eyes darkened instantly.Elisa’s brows&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wrinkled slightly. She had never had much skin-to-skin contact with him. Even if the two of them had
spent a night together, it had happened in a muddle.Even if she wasn’t a maiden any longer, she still
didn’t know much.“Let’s talk about it properly, Mr. Wickam. With our current relationship, we shouldn’t
be in such proximity, should we?” Elisa tried to say as calmly as she could. She was worried that she
would agitate him if she spoke too firmly. It would be more disadvantageous for her that way.But…
Gareth didn’t let go of her. Instead, he held her down and said coldly, “Perhaps I’ve let you go too
easily, so you think too highly of yourself. I’ve given you the opportunity for a way out, but you don’t
know how to use it. Don’t blame me for being merciless.”
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