Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 729

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Of course.” The sales manager curved her lips slowly. She was in her forties but kept up with her
skincare routine and didn’t look her age.She was in work attire and had maintained her figure, but there
was a prominent characteristic on the left side of her face. It was a small rose tattoo. No one knew why
she wanted to get that tattoo on her face, but she was even more attractive for that. It wasn’t tacky at
all.“What do you have in mind?” Tina stared straight at the woman before her. They had occasional
interactions in the past, but they didn’t speak much daily. They would just nod at each other at most.
But now, this woman was willing to come out and help her?This made her very confused and
discontented. None of those she had expected to stand up for her, but a casual acquaintance was now
helping her.Heh.How ironic.Just as she was waiting, the sales manager, Natalie Tucker, said calmly,
“Plead.”Tina shook her head in exasperation and said bitterly, “How can I plead? I cried out to Mr.
Wickam just now, but he ignored me. How can I meet him at will?”“Plead with Elisa, not Mr. Wickam.”
Natalie’s expression was calm.But Tina’s expression changed in an instant. “You want me to beg
her?”Natalie smiled and said with ease, “I can only give you such a suggestion. And you must know
that if you can’t stay, you must leave Bayswe forever. What will happen to your husband and your
children? Will you live separate lives, or do you want to move your family and leave this place?”Tina
opened her mouth but was so startled that she couldn’t say anything. The complicated feelings in her
eyes intensified, and she even started to regret it. Why did she take out her anger on Elisa? What
capital does she have? Elisa has a different identity. How can she provoke Elisa and charge around
like this? Has she come across some unclean things? Is she being possessed by evil spirits?At that
moment, her imagination ran wild.Natalie continued, “This is now the only thing you can do. There’s no
use pleading with her in private. You must plead with her in public or kneel to beg her. As long as she
will help you look for Gareth and ask for leniency.”Tina was shocked.Her expression turned nasty, and
she widened her eyes to look at Natalie. Although she didn’t say anything, she seemed to be asking,
how can I kneel and beg that wench?!Natalie’s lips twitched, and she didn’t say anything. She turned
and left.At that moment, only Tina and the receptionists were left in the empty lounge. The receptionists&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;were far away from her, and they ignored her.Tina was distraught, as though she didn’t know what to
do.On the other end, only Gareth and Elisa were in the elevator.She had walked into the employee
elevator.Gareth had a private elevator, but he followed Elisa even though the employee elevator was
cramped.But…Since Gareth had gone into the elevator, no one else dared enter.Now, everyone was
heading up. Elisa stopped the elevator on the first floor, but no one had the nerve to get in.Just as Elisa
was about to get out of the elevator, Gareth suddenly pressed the button to close the doors. Elisa’s
brows furrowed, and she turned to look at the person next to her. “What are you doing?”“To my office.”
Gareth’s expression was dark and cloudy.
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Chapter 729
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